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STD from massage parlor

I've been a wreck for about a month now. I'm terrified I may have gotten an std from a massage parlor. The massage itself lasted around an hour. During that time she did a typical massage rub of most of my back with an unscented oil  and then eventually was rubbing between butt cheeks and then proceeded to give me a hand job and continue rubbing/slight insertion of finger into rectum. I am horrified with myself for being so stupid and really hope I didn't get some horrible disease. I have no idea if she had just done the same thing to someone else and then not cleaned her hands properly. All I can think about is the possibility she passed something into me. Please shed light on situation if able
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This is not a risk at all. STIs are spread by unprotected oral sex, penis in vagina sex or penis in anus sex. They can also be spread by unclothed, direct skin to skin contact of mouth to genitals, genital to genital or genital to genital, often with grinding/rubbing/a lot of friction.

They are not spread by massages, fingering, handjobs, towels, massage tables, etc.

A lot of people ask questions about it, but that doesn't make it a risk. Guilt and shame don't equal risk.

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I’ve had this exact same experience and question. There was in fact someone right before me and have been a wreck myself about it, but if you want to look at my thread, there are responses on there..im actually awaiting a test now.
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Are you feeling anything going on down there that makes you worry btw?
Thank you, yes I will check out your thread. I do not have any symptoms down there or anything. I've been having pain in my throat for about a week(not sore or red or anything, it's like a tightness or lump feeling in my throat now and maybe some body aches and pains and mild nausea) I took a full panel std test at an urgent care about 14 days after the event which was all negative. at 24 days I purchased the HIV RNA blood test which is supposedly very accurate  and that was negative. I'm still pretty worried about it all though. I'm at the 28 day mark now and plan to hold off as long as possible before purchasing a full at home testing panel again. I think I saw that at 40 days everything should be pretty much 100% accurate.
Yeah thats good. I mean i know the encounter we both had is pretty safe overall and i agree with the idea that something being contracted from that are little to none. If you don’t even know that anyone was before you, and you have no symptoms, id be willing to bet you’re okay. I’ve been told here that even with me knowing that someone was right before me and even if hands weren’t washed, that something like say..herpes wouldn’t be viable by the time she got to me. Movement, air, and the inevitable wiping at least that she would have had to do since there was oil on her hands. But id obviously feel alot better if she fully washed rather than dry wipe, ya know lol. Thats my concern..the skin to skin stuff. I’ve just had worrisome things going on down there and I haven’t got a clue what else to connect it to. I still have my doubts as im sure you do but im trying to keep an open mind as best i can and I’ll update my thread when i get my test results considering its been far long enough to where itd be conclusive. Try and relax though cause I’m honestly sure you’ll end up being fine. There’s no need to create a concern when nothings even happening to you down there. And Dont let the fact that I’m experiencing symptoms of something freak you out, as I could be wrong about what it is and i sure hope I am lol.
Read what AJ said below. This is a ZERO risk encounter.
Okay I’ll read it again
Tfen, as I have explained to you before, "the skin to skin stuff" is direct, unclothed mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal. It is NOT hand to anything.

Please stop implying anything else.
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I’m here to put your mind at ease.

This was entirely safe and a no risk encounter for any and all STI.

Now breath and relax.

For the record no STI is a “horrible disease” please don’t use terms like that, it’s no more “horrible” than a cold. Don’t stigmatise it. Thanks.
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thanks you, sorry I don't mean to stigmatise or anything just feel a great sense of shame from the whole situation I guess
It’s ok mate, it was just a throw away comment I know it was anxiety driven and you didn’t mean anything by it.

Just a friendly pointer is all.

Stay safe
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