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Male with wrecked libido but normal testosterone

38 year-old male. About two years ago I took Anavar (oxandrolone) for two 3-4 day durations. It absolutely wrecked my libido. It has not come back. I've had my testosterone tested and it is normal. My SHBG is on the low side (usually 11-14), but I looked at old records and it has always been that way. I can masturbate to ejaculation, but I find everything much less stimulating. This is not psychological and I don't really want to entertain such theories. I know my body and something physiologically changed when I experimented with that stupid drug. I'm still attracted to women, but I can be in a very intimate act with a beautiful woman and nothing happens. It takes me days of not ejaculating to build up any sex drive. It's embarrassing and awful. I'm worried that it destroyed the neural receptors that respond to testosterone or some other irreversible problem. Please help.
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You need a trial of testosterone replacement therapy. It does not matter what your testosterone "levels" as this tells you nothing.
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There is no harm if you try some tantric kriya, or taoist yoga kriya. Just look at Male deer exercise, kegel exercise,Sat kriya in google. Microcosmic orbit, breath to orgasm,.you will find related website through google.You may also search for herbs or fruits which enhance sexual strength. Water melon is top fruit for sexual strength.I read this just recently. This therapy take time, its results are good without any side effects.
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A trial of artificial testosterone doesn't sound like a great idea, considering that steroids got me into this position in the first place. And what about the effects on the HPTA?
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