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Okay i need help..

Im a 15 year old female ive only ever slept with two guys And the last guy i was with for awhile. I think i have warts but im scared to go and i think ive had it for awhile. Im honestly so scared about the whole sitaution, How should i go about this? should i be honest with my parents or just what??? i dont know what to do!! I also Am with a new guy we haven't had sex or even kissed. and I haven't told him I think im just going to break up with him bc I feel like my life is ruined :(
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Hey there, don't panic yet.  What symptoms do you have??  Just use condoms with the new guy if you do become sexual and you don't need to tell him anything!  Is there any chance you had the vaccine for genital warts.  Most kids get that around age 12 or 13.  My sons did.  Do you remember getting any vaccines then?  But explain what you see or what you feel and we'll try to help.  

At 15, it's not unreasonable for you to see your doctor by yourself?  Like your mom waits outside?  Not sure how that will fly though so there is the other option that if you live in the United States, you could get to Planned Parenthood which will be able to examine you and not involve your parents.  Are you in the US?
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Yes I do live in the us. And I might have I really don't know but there are like a lot of spots Around my vagina. And I don't really feel anything. ug its so hard to explain tbh..... ive tried to go but my mom will never take me :(
It feels soft Ive tired looking up what they look like but I really cant find anything.
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Understood.  Are the spots raised?  Are you sure they are new?  
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Yeah Kinda? some pots And I don't know if they are new or not?
Also even if you go to plannedparenthood don't you have to pay... for treatment???
Planned parenthood is on a sliding fee so that you can pay cash and it shouldn't be much.  Their goal is to make gynecological healthcare available to everyone.  And many can't pay especially a girl your age.  So, it should not be expensive.  
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So, your mom probably has a vaccine record for you?  Can you ask to see it?  Check the file? That would be helpful.  But if you can't get to the doctor yourself and/or can't be seen by the doctor without your mom there, you'll need to tell her. Warts are contagious but don't hurt.  So, you really need to determine if this is what is going on.  I am guessing your mom doesn't know you are sexually active?  Do you have a sister (older), aunt or older cousin that you could confide in?
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Yes I do have silblings im just scared they will judge me.  Im super scared to go. And don't you have to pay for treatment.
Ugh, well, I know it is worrisome to expose yourself as sexually active.  I get it completely. But I don't know what these spots are. They really 'might' be nothing.  But if they are HPV warts, you want to get that diagnosed.  Soooo, do you ever see your regular doctor alone? As in your mom waits in the waiting room while you get your check up?  
And an older sibling like a sister or better, an adult aunt or cousin may be very helpful in this if you can trust them.
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