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Pregnant from pre ejaculate on finger?

Pretty please... I hope you'll have the chance to help me with your insights.

A couple weeks ago I was fooling with my BF (fully dressed just pants unbuttoned),I gave him a HandJb, and I realized he had pre-c*m on his penis. He adjusted his trousers and I'm pretty sure he must have touched his penis while doing so. He immediately fingered me and I was wondering if that could get me pregnant. And so we stopped... (He didn't c*m)

I'm a virgin, he's not... I really try to be careful, wash hands before and after, make sure there are no STD's involved and not have sex without protection (well, we still haven't had sex.. but I wouldn't have it without a condom).

I've searched through the internet for answers but they are very variable, some say it's something that can totally happen.. and some others say it's not possible..

Bottom line.. Could I be pregnant?
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Bottom line.......no chance of conception.
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I like you, thank you very much. Have a very nice day :)
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Hi :-) um... I'm two days late, I got my last period the 14th on the afternoon.. Its 12.. And I'm scared to death... :(
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It is extremely unlikely that you  could become pregnant from the activities as you describe them.
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