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Pubic hair

I am a male in my late 30's.  I have never shaved or trimmed my public hair in the past.  As it is, it's not an issue for me or for my wife.  I have an upcoming doctor's appointment with a female doctor, and it's a first time appointment including full physical, and I have never met this doctor yet.  I am kind of embarrassed the way it generally looks down there now.  Should I consider trimming it before before my appointment?  Should it matter either way?  My honest preference is to leave it as it is, as I would be doing it for the very first time.  So far I had male doctors and had full physicals only rarely, so it was not a big issue.  Thanks for any suggestions.
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Leave it as it is, if that's your preference.

Your doctors - any doctor, any gender - are well aware of what pubic hair is, and what it looks like in its natural state. All that your doctor prefers is that you're clean.

Your doctor has seen patients with natural pubic hair, trimmed, shaven, trimmed into shapes - everything imaginable. No need to worry about yours. :)
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