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help me please

can i give g herpes to my child by changing his pampers ?
i had a herpes breakout genital area i touched so i have to change my toddler pamper but i believe i forget to wash my hands can i give g herpes this way ( also i rubbed diaper rash cream in his butt ) i change it a minute later after i touched i read The virus is fragile and dies when it leaves host cell should i worry ?
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I don't know the answer, but if I were you, I'd always wear those disposable vinyl gloves that food-service workers use, when changing him when you have an outbreak.  This is simply because you NEVER want to have to explain to Children's Protective Services why your kid has genital herpes.  It just looks too much to their jaded eye that it got there for sexual reasons.
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yea thank you i  hope in god everything would be fine i told the doctor but she told me  is passed by sex only so i hope my child be okay he is too little and innocent thank you sincerely
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Hey, trust your doctor.  I am glad you asked her.
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It's great that you asked your doctor,  but I'm curious about the answer.  The virus can't distinguish sexually oriented contact from other contact.  If you are touching your genitals with an open outbreak,  and then pretty quickly without washing your hands you touch your baby's rectum,  it can be passed that way.  That's how children get genital herpes on their lips in the form of oral "cold sores".  That's not sexual contact,  it's hand to mouth contact.  

I agree with AnnieBrooke's thoughts.  If you have an active outbreak and don't wash your hands religiously after contacting your genitals,  it probably would be best to keep a box of surgical gloves on the changing table.
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