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last night...

last night i went out with two new friends, I had three beers and three shots over a few hour time period. I remember everything during that period, but after the last shot i cant remember anything. It's like I completely lost a few hours of time. I woke up without my shirt on and now can vaguely remember some sexual activity. I'm really worried that I might have been slipped a drug in that last shot. Am i overreacting? I don't want to go to the hospital but i want to know if i've been drugged.
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It's possible that you may have been drugged. Please go to your local hospital to be checked and they can test you to see what may have happened. Also, they may give you the morning after pill or if they don't, you may want to look into getting it yourself as a precaution. Hope it all goes well.
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Sounds like you were drugged to me - what makes me sick is what kind of a guy would do that to a woman in the first place?  I hope you go to the hospital and get it checked out, and then file charges against those guys, they should go to a prison where they can learn what it means to be raped.

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if i was yuh i would get checked.
bt maybe yuh just got too drunk?
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