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please someone help me..clitoris hair? bad pain..

I've posted a million times about this..but I finally think I know what is wrong now...so now I just need to figure out how to fix it...
I have a doctor's appointment in late august, so until them I'm sorta screwed..but for the past few months I've had this sharp pain in my clitoris, that gets worse when I rub it or it rubs on clothes, etc...a few months ago I noticed a hair growing into the clit, like at the very top, under the hood. I'm 99 percent sure that is the cause of my distress..I'm sick of peopole saying you can't grow a hair there...you can..I've read a few  people on the internet who had the same problem as me, just less pain.
Today I took a warm bath and soaked in it, trying to help, but when I got out, I felt the hair sticking out even more, extremely painful to the touch. My theory is that the warm water helped the hair like pop out more, you know waht I  mean? like how they say if you want to pluck your eyebrows, you should take a hot bath first to open the pores and let the hair out more?
Well anyways, the pain is extreme, and I need an idea to get rid of it, I don't think I can pull it out, I definitely won't shave it, and I CAN"T GO TO THE DOCTOR YET....and I really don't want to pluck it..Eventually it will have to fall out on its own right? It used to be really short and its getting to be pretty long now so its obviously growing..If anyoene can help me I will be EXTREMELY thankful...I've been suffering for so long, please help.
If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it!
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Plucking the hair might be painful, but it should not be dangerous in anyway. Once the hair is out, you will know for sure if this is the cause of your pain. You should still follow-up with your doctor regardless if you pluck it or not. But I can't imagine that plucking the hair will cause any damage.
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I think plucking the hair is the best option.  Do not use hair removal gels or creams as they frequently contain chemicals harmful to sensitive areas of the skin, like your clitoris.

To ease the pain or take the edge off, try drinking some alcoholic beverages but do not get drunk, then pluck it out.  It will definitely be painful and you will probably want to punch some holes in the wall ... but then it will be over, and you will know whether it was the source of your pain.
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dont remove yourself meet to a womens specialist doctor first...
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Hi, Rachel,
I'm 27, and have had the same issue- the first time it happened, i was probably 19, and noticed really bad soreness when i woke up and showered one morning. After shining a light on my clit and getting into a very awkward position, i noticed an extremely fine hair growing out of the hood. i got tweezers, pulled it out with so much ease i thought it must just be a loose hair caught there. Since then, it's happened about three more times- enough for me to think that it probably is hair growth in that area. It's always just one hair and it causes severe pain. Every doctor I've spoken with and every web thread I've looked at says this is impossible, it must have just gotten trapped. Then this happened again early this week- it's always the same length hair and the same fineness.
Once I pull out the hair, the pain literally ends instantly. So my conclusion is it's going to be a constant annoyance as long as it recurs, but if you feel that sensation, and pull out the hair (I swear, it doesn't hurt a bit, and it comes out so easily you'd never guess it was attached) your pain will go away until the next time it happens. Hope this helps- I wish the med community was more well-versed in womens' health issues.
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Thanks for your reply. If you do research on this topic, you will find very few people who have had the same thing happen. Fortunately, last month I had had enough of the pain and decided to pluck it out and you are right, it slid right out and it didn't hurt at all. Although it is quite uncomfortable when the hairs get trapped in there. Originally I thought the hairs were growing in there, but upon inspecting it extensively for months, I realized it was a short hair that had gotten trapped in a very unfortunate and sensitive place. I even heard about this woman who had so many hairs stuck in there that she got a clitoral hood release, or removal of the clitoral hood. That is a bit radical, although I can see how you would have no other choice if it happened all the time. People underestimate the pain, but it literally is debilitating. I have only had the pain once since I removed the hair, and I think that was because my hair was just poking it, thankfully. I hope you don't have to encounter this problem again in the future, because it really is awful. Again, I truly appreciate your response. I have reached out to many people in hope of a response, and you were the only one!
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girl i got he same thing and have been dealing with it for years what i do is when it starts to even bother me i get tiny pair of scissors pull the hood back and trim there isn't much we can do good luck
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I have the same thing. Has anyone  acutally seen a doctor about this and gotten a professional opinion?
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I too have had this issue.  The first time I was about 21, I felt major pain and irritation.  Upon close inspection I found a lone hair - short and fine.  I took a pair of small eyebrow scissors and trimmed it down (or so I thought - I'll explain more in a moment).  I am now 29 and just last night I had the same symptoms and noticed another hair.  This time instead of using scissors I took a q-tip and used that to "grab" the hair and with a few swipes the hair came out with no pain at all.  

As I said with my first experience I thought I had trimmed the hair down, but as I was able to remove the hair with no pain I believe the hair actually came out.  My husband believes that this was a loose hair that got trapped but I noticed a follicle at the end of the strand, which leads me to believe that the hair actually grew up there.

I am thankful that removal was pain free, but am dreading another occurrence.
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Ok, so I'm 24 and i noticed hair under the hood and was confused and thought i imagined it. I just pulled the hood back and pushed on the top of the clit and found that the hair was an inch long. very fine bunch of hair. I pulled it and it came out with no pain at all, i just massaged it out. weird. I didnt think hair would grow their either
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I've been dealing with this for so many years, like 25. I was told I was nuts by numerous gynocologists, even though I had the hair to prove it. I get a cluster of three fine hairs, much lighter than my own, which occurs 3-4 times a year. They come right out. I always described the feeling as if there was a knife or sharp object trying to poke through. Excruciating pain that stops me in my tracks.
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Sorry to hear about your pain.... The doctors usually ignore this problem, unfortunately, but it is very real! Thank god I haven't had the pain since my first post. I am always terrified that it will happen again, though.. I believe that shaving contributes to hairs getting trapped... yet, on the other hand, long hairs poke it and also cause much pain. So what I do is, I always make sure its trimmed short enough so that it doesn't stab me, and when I shave or trim I always rinse the hood area in case hairs get on it, then when I get out of the shower I check the vulva for hairs that could have fallen down, sometimes you can catch them before the fall into the hood. Hope I helped
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This happened to me today like about 10 minutes ago, but I have been having the sharp pain on and off for MONTHS! I looked today and i freak out because it was multiple stands and i thought it was like a TICK because of all of my pets. I was so scared and im so happy im not the only person that has experienced this. The hair comes out easily and the pain is gone! its weird though.
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Wow, don't you love the internet!  I had the same thing, I didn't think I'd find anything about it.  For many years I've had an extremely sensitive clitoris, like just brushing your finger over it was painful!  Sometimes it's more painful than at other times.  I've asked the doctors and they said I just have a very sensitive one.  So, the other day I had a sort of epiphany, that it felt like a hair was stabbing me.  So, I got out my mirror and investigated to find that when I lifted the hood thingy there popped out a small fine hair!  I pulled it out with a tweezer just earlier today.  It's still sensitive probably from all those years it was there so I'm hoping to feel like a new woman soon!  And, the hair had a root to it so I'm guessing it was growing there.  
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Wow!  This is all so crazy!  I have experienced the same thing for almost 3 years now!  I went to the gynecologist the first time I had excruciating pain and she said that I had been wearing tight clothing that had caused a harmless cyst in my clitoris.  So she'd suggest I put a warm compress on it.  It would help, but it never made the problem go away.  The pain could get real bad and I don't even wear tight clothing!  Just the other day I was exercising and the pain was so bad that I had to stop.  I went to the bathroom to wash myself with warm water to sooth the pain.  Then I trimmed myself to I could really inspect what was going on.  It hurt to touch my clitoris, but I believed I could see a black dot in the top of the hood.  But I didn't dare touch it too much.  And today...just an hour ago...I was shower and when cleaning down there I felt something odd on the bump of my clitoris.  It wasn't painful to kind of pick at and all of a sudden...about 5 small hairs came out!!!!  It freaked me out!  I felt like It had to have just been stuck on my skin from when I last trimmed...but I couldn't help but notice that my clitoris had no more pain.  Sure, there is a slight bump, but no pain.  When I got out the shower I inspected myself and sure enough where I had last saw a black dot in the bump on my clitoris now looks like a tiny hole!!!  I never would have thought hair could grow there let alone be stuck there and cause SOOO much pain!  I thank God that you all have commented because I would have thought I was crazy and clearly the doctors have no clue!  THANK YOU ALL!  But I am nervous about having this happen again...  
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By pazuzu,
Hi, when I looked this up 5 years ago there was nothing, so I thought I was the only one! When i was about 16 and started using tampons I had  found about 5 short, thick hairs under the hood, they only caused a bit of discomfort when wearing tight pants, so I didnt worry about them and didn't realise it was unusal at that age. Later in my twenties (mabye due to sexual activity)  they became painful to touch, like a very sharp pain, and definetly felt attached deep inside. There was no way I could contemplate plucking them.  Went to the gyno and he had never seen it before - an ingrown on the vulva yes but not under the hood like that - he said it was probably hairs that I trimmed that got stuck under there. I knew that wasn't possible because they had been there since teenager long before I was trimming. In the end he had to put me under anaesthetic to remove them - he said when he pulled the hood back they just fell out quite easily!  Not sure if he plucked them. They have never grown back since, but unfortuntely I have had periodic problems with pain in that area, especially with tight clothing.  Am seeing female gyno now....
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WOW, I thought I was the only freak hehe (j/k)..but I had the same thing years ago..didn't have the extreme pain, but did have uncomfortable feeling, and took a peek.. Like another posting, I initially panicked, since I thought it was a tick or insect there!, BUt it was tiny, cluster of hairs that were short, but could be stabbing! I pulled them out.
I aske a ob/gyn that "i think I have another hole down there" lol. They just inspected it and said, no your fine.
Over the years, they have reduced down to only a few. I kinda miss the clusters I used to have there, but actually I can see how it would be an annoyance. I'm glad others have noticed it! Anyhow, I would just pluck them out if I were you, and my experience is that after a few pluckings, they decrease.
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WOW! Love the internet!!! This just happened to me today and I'm glad to find I'm not the only one! I'm 32.
Had discomfort for months, but just thought it had something to do with the cathider I had while I gave birth.
Today, took a mirror, saw a black spot under the hood and freaked!
Went to pull it and had instant pain.....pulled again and a small clump of about 8 fine hairs an inch long came out with the folicle at the end!
I was shocked! No more discomfort!
Thanks everyone for posting your stories!!
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Thank you for starting this discussion rachel007. I'm 51 years old and have lived with this for a long time. My doctor also didn't fully understand what I was describing and thought it must be hairs getting stuck from an outside source. I'm certain the hairs grow there. I have a "buried clitoris" and there is a small pinpoint opening below it. At least once a year, when the hairs have grown to approximately 1 inch, they start poking me and hurting and then they either work there way out, or I manipulate the area to encourage them to poke out of the pinpoint opening. I carefully grab the clump of fine hairs and pull them out. And then I wait for it to happen again. (once I even saved them to show my doctor but never had the courage to do it and finally threw them out)  
My biggest concerns are that the area could become infected if/when the hairs become stuck there....and what happens when I'm elderly and can't contort my body to remove them or my eyesight is bad enough that I can't see them. It's a really tricky procedure. So much so that it explains why the doctor didn't understand what is really happening.
When I found and read this discussion, it brought me to tears to have finally found validation that I'm not the only one. It was difficult enough to summon up the courage to mention it to my doctor. You know "um...hey doc...there are hairs growing out of the tiny hole under my clitoris..." and then for years to just suffer with it. I can't imagine how many other women have typed various combinations of "clitoris" and "hair" into the search engine on their computer trying to find information. I gave up and then tried again this morning when I found this discussion.
Thank you all for your persistence and courage.
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Your post was touching to me...because I went through pain for soo long and EVERyone made me feel like I was crazy. I truly feel what you are going through, doctors make you just feel insane! Honestly this has to be one of the worst pains I've ever experienced in my life. It is truly terrible. I am glad you found this thread I posted and I hope it has helped you out a little bit, at least in knowing that you're not alone, and that its not in your head! :)
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I've had this maybe 5 or 6 times now, the last time was just an hour ago before I removed the hair with tweezers.
I'd also searched the net years ago, found nothing and thought I must be weird.
The pain really is terrible, but thankfully disappears as soon as the hair is "plucked"
The hair doesn't actually grow under the clitoral hood, this is why gynaecologists seem confused when they hear "hair growing on the clitoris".
What it is, is pubic hair that somehow works its way under there.
It is extremely painful, and the first time I had it I was very worried, and the doctor had no idea what it was.
I decided to get a magnifying mirror, tweezers and a bright lamp and take a look for myself.
I was surprised to see a hair which appeared to be growing from underneath the clitoral hood, but after tweezing the hair out, realised that it can't possibly have grown from there.
Think about it, surely it would be agony to actually tweeze a hair growing from such a sensitive area??
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Hello, everyone. I am 21. I decided to search "hair under clitoral hood" for the first time today, since this is maybe the fourth time that I've had to take a hair out from under the hood. I thought it seemed impossible and was hoping and praying that it was just hair that gets lodged under there, and not that it grows there. I was fearing I had a mutation or something, since hair really, really, shouldn't grow there. For so many reasons haha. Anyway, I noticed three hairs in there today, two lighter ones, and one that appears dark and too far under for me to grab it. I only got one out, the rest are stuck against my clitoris, and any sort of scraping or rubbing hurts, and doesn't easily loosen it so that the end will stick in the air so I can grab it. I tend to get random sharp pains when my clitoral area is touched or pressed upon. Much like a pin-stick, but it isn't very common, since I try to keep it from any accidental contact. I haven't experienced the pain that some of these women have, which I am deeply sorry about. Who knows if I'm bound to experience that some day. There is definitely a lot of discomfort associated with the area for me, though. I tend to be prone to abrasion, and don't like clothes too tight or rubbing against the clitoral area. I don't like upward pressure on the clitoris either, that causes sharp pain or aching sometimes. I'll mention this thread to my gynecologist and my observations and see what they have to say. I really hope this isn't going to need to be something I need to do every few weeks. It's so uncomfortable and time consuming to get in that position and poke around down there. Mercy. I'm glad I'm not alone, at least.
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i am 19 and i noticed one small hair getting out of the shower today. it was under my hood and right above my clitoris. i thought it was impossible because i clean so well and havent shaven in  a week so i tryed to brush it off with a qtip, when it didnt work i got prepared for pain to take it out with tweezers. It didnt hurt at all! The hair was not affecting me like some of you women but who knows maybe if it got longer it could have. I'm happy were not alone in this! has anyone seen their doctor about this yet and understood what it is or whats going on? After i removed the hair it looks like a slightly small hole, and i thought there wasnt supposed to be a hole there. Oh gosh the human body is so weird and gross to me. haha if anyone has talked to a doctor that knows please let me know!
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So Happy I found this!!! Could not sleep last night after I saw this line of hair. After reading this I used my tweezers to pull the hair out. I had a lot like 10-15 same Length...so weird. I want to think that the hair is not actually growing because it came out so easily with no pain. My theory is that the hair is getting in there after shaving -_- although they are all the same length and they are thin. This is beyond weird but happy to know Im not the only weirdo. =)
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Hi I've been having this problem off and on for many years.  Before there used to be a very fine cluster of hairs, almost invisible in the light, roots and all.  Now it is single black hairs.  I just got one out recently.  Now there is another single black.  I hope the hair growth is not going to be darker thicker and more in quantity.  It looks that way.
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