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please someone help me..clitoris hair? bad pain..

I've posted a million times about this..but I finally think I know what is wrong now...so now I just need to figure out how to fix it...
I have a doctor's appointment in late august, so until them I'm sorta screwed..but for the past few months I've had this sharp pain in my clitoris, that gets worse when I rub it or it rubs on clothes, etc...a few months ago I noticed a hair growing into the clit, like at the very top, under the hood. I'm 99 percent sure that is the cause of my distress..I'm sick of peopole saying you can't grow a hair there...you can..I've read a few  people on the internet who had the same problem as me, just less pain.
Today I took a warm bath and soaked in it, trying to help, but when I got out, I felt the hair sticking out even more, extremely painful to the touch. My theory is that the warm water helped the hair like pop out more, you know waht I  mean? like how they say if you want to pluck your eyebrows, you should take a hot bath first to open the pores and let the hair out more?
Well anyways, the pain is extreme, and I need an idea to get rid of it, I don't think I can pull it out, I definitely won't shave it, and I CAN"T GO TO THE DOCTOR YET....and I really don't want to pluck it..Eventually it will have to fall out on its own right? It used to be really short and its getting to be pretty long now so its obviously growing..If anyoene can help me I will be EXTREMELY thankful...I've been suffering for so long, please help.
If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it!
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Plucking the hair might be painful, but it should not be dangerous in anyway. Once the hair is out, you will know for sure if this is the cause of your pain. You should still follow-up with your doctor regardless if you pluck it or not. But I can't imagine that plucking the hair will cause any damage.
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I think plucking the hair is the best option.  Do not use hair removal gels or creams as they frequently contain chemicals harmful to sensitive areas of the skin, like your clitoris.

To ease the pain or take the edge off, try drinking some alcoholic beverages but do not get drunk, then pluck it out.  It will definitely be painful and you will probably want to punch some holes in the wall ... but then it will be over, and you will know whether it was the source of your pain.
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dont remove yourself meet to a womens specialist doctor first...
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Hi, Rachel,
I'm 27, and have had the same issue- the first time it happened, i was probably 19, and noticed really bad soreness when i woke up and showered one morning. After shining a light on my clit and getting into a very awkward position, i noticed an extremely fine hair growing out of the hood. i got tweezers, pulled it out with so much ease i thought it must just be a loose hair caught there. Since then, it's happened about three more times- enough for me to think that it probably is hair growth in that area. It's always just one hair and it causes severe pain. Every doctor I've spoken with and every web thread I've looked at says this is impossible, it must have just gotten trapped. Then this happened again early this week- it's always the same length hair and the same fineness.
Once I pull out the hair, the pain literally ends instantly. So my conclusion is it's going to be a constant annoyance as long as it recurs, but if you feel that sensation, and pull out the hair (I swear, it doesn't hurt a bit, and it comes out so easily you'd never guess it was attached) your pain will go away until the next time it happens. Hope this helps- I wish the med community was more well-versed in womens' health issues.
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Thanks for your reply. If you do research on this topic, you will find very few people who have had the same thing happen. Fortunately, last month I had had enough of the pain and decided to pluck it out and you are right, it slid right out and it didn't hurt at all. Although it is quite uncomfortable when the hairs get trapped in there. Originally I thought the hairs were growing in there, but upon inspecting it extensively for months, I realized it was a short hair that had gotten trapped in a very unfortunate and sensitive place. I even heard about this woman who had so many hairs stuck in there that she got a clitoral hood release, or removal of the clitoral hood. That is a bit radical, although I can see how you would have no other choice if it happened all the time. People underestimate the pain, but it literally is debilitating. I have only had the pain once since I removed the hair, and I think that was because my hair was just poking it, thankfully. I hope you don't have to encounter this problem again in the future, because it really is awful. Again, I truly appreciate your response. I have reached out to many people in hope of a response, and you were the only one!
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girl i got he same thing and have been dealing with it for years what i do is when it starts to even bother me i get tiny pair of scissors pull the hood back and trim there isn't much we can do good luck
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