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Hello john,i read youre  sick and tired of being sick and tired,i no where youre coming from,i am not on methadone but i no people that are and yes they have hep c and other problems,myself i have been a drug user for a long time and have recently been diagnosed with hep c and are just waitng to find which geneology i have and also a scan then treatment my worry is i no i have had for a long time because of my symptoms and not sure how bad my liver will be after the scan,i sympathise with you because the situation is a bad one to be in,every day almost every minute you think about it,i am on my own because everyone i associated with was to do with drugs so now i have to change for my own good that means no real good friends so now i am on this medhelp site and reading other peoples questions and answers which i am finding very interesting and educational,i am in auckland new zealand and most of people on this site are in usa.
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