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Can anyone help me with the after the Chemo trying to get Better..

I have had Skin Cancer 2 times and have been off Chemo for 3 Months now.
So for about 5 Months easy I was Laying Down all the time. No Kidding...sleeping and Eating and Tired 24 / 7 and the side effects of my Chemo is Flue Like Feelings.

I have had muscle Pain Most in my legs some times my arms, but I really No kidding don't have much there in my upper body  and so it is in my legs the most. Like I said above I did not Move around much as I was on the chemo and its hard to start back up and from the first Cancer I had been on Pain Pills. So Long story short...Is I'm threw the D.T.'s and I'm off Pain Meds. But I still have a Long ways to go.
What do I do for my Leg Pain and I also Need to know what to do to build My strength.
Not Sure what Area I should  look for the Help in building my body. Oh and My Joints hurt........Gee why is this..?? I was On Interferon and the first Cancer go around was from 02 -03 one year and then this one 09 to 10 March of this year.
I want to live my life and I think I said above if anyone can share with me what you might have went threw and how did you get your strength back?

And if anyone has a Idea ware else I should Post this Question...Please Need allot of help on this and I don't want to wast time.
Thanks so Much Ladyrhea4
So does anyone know what Natural there is to take?
Thanks for the Help.....Ladyrhea4 xxooxooxx
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