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Is this Skin Cancer?

So just now, I've discovered that I have this odd bump that's sits next to my lower lip on my chin. It's not that noticeable at first but when you look closely, it clearly looks like something that shouldn't be there. It's quite large (I say large because it's larger than the other pimples I have), looks like its forming under the skin, pinkish, and has what appears to be a dimple in the middle of it. When I touch it, it feels smooth in comparison to the rest of the skin. I've looked up Skin Cancer and found that Basal cell carcinoma is the closest description to the bump I have. Also note, that it doesn't itch or hurt whatsoever, even when touching it. Should I be worried about this?
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Update: The Bump is no longer a "bump" but just an area of weirdly smooth skin. Only there's a brown spot that appeared right in the middle of this "patch".
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