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Possible subungual melanoma? (Pic attached)

Hi all,

I'm a 19-year-old white-skinned girl, and I've had a dark streak on my nail for some years now, which doesn't grow out (just grows with my nail). Recently another dark streak has appeared alongside it. It also appears that the original line is broadening.

I didn't think this was cause for concern - until a few days ago, when I read in a magazine that dark streaks on the nails - especially ones that change appearance and are in one digit - could be signs of melanoma.

Here is a picture of my  nail -


sorry about the gross skin around it - I chew it :(  the black spots on the left are just nail polish. Also, the mole underneath it wasn't there a year ago...!

Does this look like melanoma?? I'm going to the doctor's soon - will they do a biopsy? And would that involve removing my nail?!

Thanks for any advice. I'm just freaking myself out worrying and would like a second opinion!


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Hi there,

Good work on seeing a doctor. Try not to worry about this but do see a doctor. I don't know much about the type of melanoma you are worried about but do understand that it isn't very common while lines on the nails are very common. It is changing and you are not dark skinned so you should get it checked out. Good luck and I hope you are told it is nothing to worry about.
Take care.
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