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Skin Irritation

I have some really weird looking, and sometimes itchy bumps all over my body. They are concentrated near the left and right sides of my chest, and near the left and right side of my upper butt cheeks. They sorta look like ringworms but magnified 3x. I am really bad at describing things, but these things came out of nowhere. This is my very first time having them, so I thought it might be because I have changed my habits or something. But I have looked into everything I have been doing different during the past few days, and nothing seems to be the cause of it. The bumps are noticeably large in length but not in size.

I am a dark skin male who just turned 18 just a few days ago. (a few days before these bumps started appearing)

Other descriptions:
Like I said the bumps are almost everywhere on my body, but they are concentrated at specific areas of my body. I have looked online for related pictures but have not found anything to relate it to. My bumps are slightly pinkish in color, but they still remain close to my skin color. They always come round, or an odd shape that is somewhat round, and the really big ones have holes in the middle (where the skin is normal). Which is why I compared it to ringworms, but it does not have nearly as many bumps as ringworms. Just smooth round, and occasionally itchy if I scratch it too much. Additional observations are that the bumps seem to come and go overnight, but every time they come back they seem bigger and itch more. I was worried this might be related to skin cancer, but there are no obvious pink marks on them.

I am really scared this might turn out to be something serious, and I haven't been able to get an appointment with my doctor yet. Any advice?
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