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Do i have a sleep disorder?

Im 19 going 20 in august and ever since i was 15 ive had issues with sleep on and off. I find it hard to fall asleep which can take me over 3 hours to finally fall asleep but then i cant maintain it alot of the time. I have times where i can sleep ok which im happy for but 90% of the time ive serious trouble falling asleep , staying asleep and even waking up. Ive rarely been a morning person ever since i was like 5 years old but since i was 15 my sleep has been quiet bad. Ive been on sleeping tablets and serequel for my sleep but im not on any sleep meds the last few months. I have a past history of MH issues which has caused me not to go to my doctor asking for sleeping pills as ive a history of taking ODs in the past and i dont trust myself to be around tablets espically ones to help my sleep. My sleep has never been looked into and im always told the same stuff over again to get off my phone , no bright lights , go to bed earlier etc but it doesnt matter if i go to bed at 6pm id still be awake at 3am. Wether i get 2 hours of sleep or manage to get 12 i still dont feel rested when i wake up either. I work in a yard with horses and i have long hours each week and the lack of sleep really  frustrates me as the next day im left feeling drained and wrecked but i still cant sleep. My mental health has been steadily stable over the last few weeks and there is nothing in my life like stress , grief , money issues etc which otherwise would cause my sleep to be so disturbed. I dont know what to do or why this is even happening
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There is help for you.  Everything you describe is treatable.  Bring this to the attention of your doctor and ask for a referral to an MD who specializes in sleep.  good luck.
That wouldnt be possible to ask for from my doctor im not due to see till april and even if i got a sooner app he still wouldnt give me anything to help
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I had the same problems, didn't slepted well, i tried bunch of techniques and solutions nothing helped me.
I solved my issues, with sleep cycle monitoring app, tha my friend told me about, their assessment and improvement program,makes me realized that i had sleep disorders, due to some bad daily habits that got to do with sugar and caffeine that was effected my sleep quality.
I really like sleeprate app, it analyzing and monitoring my sleep by heart rate and sound detection(recognize snoring and breath breaks)the app is integrated with my Polar and Garmin wearables.

good luck..
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