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How can you know if you sex somnia or sleep walk?

Hi all, I have been worried that I may be afflicted with this sleep disorder but as I am single I have noone to tell me if I have a sleep disorder. I have an irrational fear that one day I may sleepwalk out of my house and commit a sexual act that will either end in me being made a pariah or me getting infected with something horrific. Some days I wake up and that thought is the first thing that bombards me. I was wondering if there was anyway to know if I had this disorder or am I simply being a hypochondriac about this?

As far as I understand it, it is very rare and usually those who experience it only experience it when a warm body is nearby. My fear comes from the report about the Australian woman. Thanks for your time in reading this and putting up with me.
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I suffer sexsomnia and I find I wake up panting if I'm 'unable to get any' gasping for breath with my heart pounding out of my chest. It's a common ocurance for me :(
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