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My own snoring wakes me up.

Hello, only recently my own snoring started to wake me up. It's so frustrating, I can never get enough sleep.

I went through a sleep study, and I've been diagnosed with a mild hypopneas, but the doctor said this is nothing to worry about. When I told him I'm waking up to my own snoring, he said that's why because I'm under a lot of stress an monitoring my snore. I agree with that (what else could it be?) but then what is the remedy? How can I tell my brain "it shouldn't worry anymore about snoring and that everything is going to be ok?".

I'm exhausted and depressed, just so difficult to handle. Any advise please, please let me know.

Thank you
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Have you tried breathe right strips ? I wear them at night and they have helped reduce my snoring. They just go across the bridge of the nose. Its sort of like a bandaid. I don't really feel it at all. I too have depression and often wake up tired. I think I have sleep apnea but am not ready to do a sleep study yet. You may find some relief from the breathe right strips. They are available over the counter at any drug store or pharmacy and at most grocery stores. They aren't very expensive. Its worth a try. It may help w/your snoring.
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Thank you for the advise, I'm working on all this. Have a wonderful day!
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