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Diagnose symptons: Twitching on/in right side of head just above top of ear

My male roommate, who wears glasses told me that he has had a twitching feeling in his head just above the top of his ear for the past month to 2 mths.  He is only 35, about 20 lbs. overweight, and has had different health issues over the past 5-6 yrs.  He passed out while riding a bike 5-6 yrs. ago, dehydration was diagnosed.  Has had headaches off and on over the past 5-6 yrs. - fiorinal was perscribed;  Palpatations in his chest in the past yr. - determined he has an allergic reaction to acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Sudafed, Excedrin, and other over the counter meds); in April 05 a different weird feeling, like gurgling in his chest - acid reflux was diagnosed, and he's been on over the counter Prilosec ever since, which seems to have cured the problem.  
His chlorestrol is about 158, which was recently taken last mth., and was around that same number over the past few yrs.  We walk 2 miles every night, and he golfs once a week or less during the summer.  Now, he's concerned about the twitching.  I've had twitching in my lip, or eye lid in the past, but don't recall the side of my head.  He mentioned his concern of stroke symptoms after NE Patriots Tedy Bruschi suffered a mild stroke, as well as a friend of ours.  My friend woke up with a numb feeling in her arm, and thought she had just slept wrong, but when the numbness didn't go away, she were to the ER and was diagnosed.  
Does anyone have any similar symptoms, or known facts about his symptoms.  Thank you so much.
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I have noticed the very same thing happening to me just the last couple of days. I noticed it began when I started drinking coffee again after a long time (months) of not drinking coffee. Does your room mate drink a lot of coffee?

If that's not the cause I don't know what is. I am in similar physical shape to your room mate and I am 27 years old.

If anyone knows what may cause this twitching feeling, please post! It feels a little like a pulse, only it is irregular, sometimes fast, sometimes one beat every few seconds.
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Stroke usually have symptoms like:
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I am getting this exact same thing! I have had a MRI and MRA and both were negative. the drs have no idea what it is.. it literally wakes me up at night cause it makes my ear twitch when i lay it on the pillow.. i can feel it during the day when i am awake. i just want an answer to what it is.. i feel a regular pulse then faster and so on.. feels like my nerve is jumping..anyone else know what it could be??
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I am have twitching on my right side of my head.  I do not know what this is. I usually feel it when I am tensed up. I wonder is it my nerves acting up.
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I have just started getting the twitching in my head, its just above my right ear, very strange feeling...its kind of like if your eye were to twitch, same feeling, the difference with me is, if I bend down, and get back up, my head has this excruciating pain, I have to hold my head and close my eyes, it only last for just under a minute, I havent seen any doctors for this, but I'm thinking maybe I should.  Is anyone else getting this?
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I'd been experiencing the "twitch" at the back of my head. It started some months ago but only occasionally. It would disappear after a while and/or if I slept it off. Lately though, (about two weeks now), it's been bothersome as it occurs more regularly... practically everyday.

I cannot seem to place a finger on what triggers it. I'm not a coffee drinker. Only had 2 cups within the past month: 1 early last week & 1 yesterday. Sometimes, it happens after I read. At times, just after I lay my head down on the pillow. Sometimes, while I'm sitting. Sometimes, while standing. Sometimes even while conversing with someone. Sometimes, like right now, while sitting before the computer - surfing, reading or typing.

No headaches or dizziness or spinning vision accompanies this though. At most, pain at the nape down to the shoulders and the upper back would follow.
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Man, please someone help.  I am having these same symptoms.  My left ear will twitch pretty much all day and night long.  I have no pains anywhere else except my neck is a little sore.  I've noticed at times that it will actually move up to my temple area but only for a short while and then go back to my ear.  One night I fell asleep on the ear and it moved up through my head.  I could feel the top of my head twitching and shaking, it woke me up.  This is driving me crazy!
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Don't feel bad, I have the same thing, a muscle twitch just above my right ear, kind of like when your eye twitches. I  kind of think it is related to a pinched nerve in my neck causing the twitch above my ear. I am going to see the chiropractor and I will let you all know what he says
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i was reading your comments about the twitching above your ear. i been having the same thing above my left ear i was wondering if you finally went to the doctor for that discomfort.  the only thing different with me is that i don't have any pain when i bend over. i have a nuerologist appt feb 13th please write back with any information you have recieved
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i been having the same symptons above my left ear it is not painful but very annoying i was wondering if the chiropactor helped you . or if anyone told you what it was.
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I have had twitching on the right side of my head for a couple years now. I mentioned this to my chiropractor today and He examined my neck and noticed it was not alligned properly and explained this would put pressure on one of the many nerves from the neck to the brain causeing the nerve to spasim (or twitch) with a quick painless adjustment, I seem to be much better  now . I feel silly not mentioning this to him sooner.     time will tell .........Hope this helps someone.    
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For the last couple of days I have been feeling I lightning sensation on the back of my head on my left side. It lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds but it's scary to think what it could be. I will probably go to the doctor soon but I am scared. Has anybody felt this before?
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