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In My Opinion, an interesting question.....

From a recent MRI, I noticed that I had an old infarct. Now I had an earlier MRI (16 months ago)
that showed NO infarct. Is it possible to have a stroke that I wasn't aware of, stemming from a
birth defect? And show I be concerned that I may have more? Thanks.
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So, how is it going? Did you ever get any answers?
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Hi Specialmom....

Honestly, no. And it's a little disheartening to know that going to 4 neurologists has done me all but no good. Interesting things tho. A neurologist goes to school for 12 years, after high school, to BECOME a neurologist. And I told my brother ilaw, it's like I have burned thru 48 years of medical training so far, and still have nothing to show for it. Another interesting point is.....I can't believe that my situation is so complicated  and so complex that no one can come up with what's going on. So, thanks for reponding and have a good day.
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You asked this over a month ago. It's an interesting question so sorry no one has weighed in. You are wondering about a congenital issue that caused you to have an unnoticeable mild stroke long ago? There is something called silent stroke. This would be something you'd have and not be aware. https://www.webmd.com/stroke/silent-stroke-you-need-to-know#:~:text=Some%20people%20have%20strokes%20without,have%20thinking%20and%20memory%20problems.
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Thank you for your response :)

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