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Massave left brain stroke

My 56 year old sister has a massive stroke on monday may 2-2011. Her son found her on the floor when he got home from work. we don't know how long she was there before he got home. It took the  EMC another hour to get there and transport her to the hospital. They told us she had massive brain damage to the full left side of her brain and she has not use of the right side. Her eyes were open and unrespionsive on monday.  She had several seizures that day. They told us there was  massive damage to the left side and swelling.They told us she would not recover and that she would be a step down from a veggie if she did recover. We prayed over her all day and night and refused to except the doctor's report.

On tuesday she begain to pay more attention and we think she know who we are.
On wednesday the doctor came in and she held his hand and squeezed it. She was very responsive to him. We asked him was he going to change his report and give her a better report, he said no he still stood by what he had said yesterday. We asked he did he not think she was doing better than expected so quickly, he said yes to that. We asked him would he do another brain scan and see if the bain had changed any, he said no.
My sister also held my hand, squeezed it and acknowledged that she knew who i was by batting her eyes. She can not speak. Then the doctor sent in The PT. The PT came in today also and did some range of motion withmy sister Elaine and she was very attentive and responsive. The PT was actually amazed at her efforts. And she must have told the doctor because this evening he did in fact order another brain scan. So we are very hopeful. We are told she will have a peg feeding tube put in sometime soon. I am so happy to have found this forum and I send you all thank you blessings and wish you all well on this journey. I have read a lot here today and will continue to read and learn.We know pray changes things. We won't give up. thanks for being here. hugs from Atlanta.
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My goodness! I'm sorry that happened to your sister! I am continually amazed at they way some people pull through the most miraculous of possibilities. I really hope that your sister continues to improve. The human brain is amazing and the will to live is even stronger.
Hugs to you and your family! Stay strong!
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Hi again Sharon...you have already talked to me first!. I just read your post and have so been where you are. As will anyone who has been in a similar position tell you..the medical people will give the most gloomy prognosis! Keep believing in the power of healing in the brain- i am seeing how incredible it is. My husband needed oxygen support for many weeks, battled seizures initially, survived 2 chest infections...your sister in definitely fighting and she sounds so loved and supported. It is such a battle for her and you all but its awesome with each tiny achievement. I wish you and your sister the very best. After 3 months, I feel it has been years but people say it is still early days...and its true. The brain is just recovering from swelling in the first weeks before the next phase of recovery...
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DON'T GIVE UP!!! Don't let the doctor's words squash your hope, your belief your faith!!!! My father 62 years old suffered a left brain stroke as well during a 7 1/2 hour surgery so they were unsure how long the stroke lasted or when it was. Could have been during surgery or the 12 hours after surgery when he was not awake. They told us he may never respond as well. It started with the slightest hand squeeze (on the left side) the right side did not move for a while. Then an eyebrow twitch and they told us that is just an uncontrolled body twitch. They were wrong when he did start to gain conciousness he twitched his eyebrow to communicate with us. So it was a reaction. His stroke was in February (the beginning), he couldn't move his right side, swallow or talk. He went from hosptial to nursing home, he also had a peg tube. Today he is HOME with his wife, WALKING, TALKING, EATING and feeding himself, goes to the bathroom on his own, showers on his own. We never stopped praying, he went through physical, speech and occupational therapy hard core and still does. He still has a long road ahead of him but he is alive and remembers and can function!! I am praying that is the same for your sister very soon. It is going to be rough road for all of you and at times you are going to feel like this is it, but don't give up. Don't be hard on yourself during the times you do want to give up, it is normal. Pray, Love, Believe!!! Your in my prayers!!! ~ Lisa
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yes the brain is amazing and the human kindness is too, thank you so much for your comment.
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thanks for your comment, I continue to pray for you and your family also.
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you have given me much great hope for the future.
Here is the report of Elaine today. We are still making positive progress. They are moving her to a regular unit room , on the same floor but different area.. She has been dropped from the critical list as of today! However she has a long road ahead.

They are going to do the surgery to put the feeding tube in her stomach.
It had to be done this way because she had weightloss surgery a year ago and they can not take the chance of putting the tube down her throat. So they are going to cut into her stomach and put the feeding tube in that way.

The doctor still is not optimistic about her recovery, He says because she is heavy it will be too hard for her to recover. He says she won't be able to do anything but lay in bed. I say no she will get up and she will move around. I said she has never been one to lay around in bed even before now, so i know she will fight to get up.

He keeps saying she won't recover- but I don't allow him to sway me or us. I keep telling him she will recover and we will help her fight for it.(smiles) He said she really has a strong family of support, stronger than he has seen before. I said yes.
She does.

He wanted to send her to a nursing home when she leave the hospital. But i told him i think she needs to go to a rehab center where she can recover.  So we made a compromise that if all goes well she will go to a nursing home that also has a rehab center in it.

I am exhausted so that's it for today.

thanks for the continued prayers, love ya. all sharonb.

my blessings and prayers are with you and your family also.

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I was thinking about you today. How is she doing now? I'm sorry I haven't been online in a long time.
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How was your sister? Is she fully recover now from the surgery? I have same experience with my Dad.
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