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Migraine or Stroke?

Hoping I could get some advice here...

At work today I began to have what I thought was an Ocular Migraine. One of these also happened many months ago once and lasted about 30 minutes and was over. It's like a blurry spot that grows over time till it's gone. After the first time, read about it maybe being the ocular migraine, and forgot about it.

Well back to today... I had one of them start again. I tried to tell if it was in one eye or both, it seemed both? BUt mainly starting on the left, so either just the left eye or the left field of vision in both.

30 minutes or so later that ended... What's diffrerent this time is about 10 minutes after that my left hand went pretty much all numb, then my nose, then my mouth area. The numbness lasted for about 15 minutes. After that I got a slight headache for a while, and i feel almost a residual blur/fog in my vision. It's been about an hour or two now and i still have the slightest of headache, on the right side of my head.

Could this all be just a complex migraine? or could this be a stroke?

Do strokes or  mini-stroke symptoms happen in sequence like that or all at once? I've read that with migraines the auras (vision, numbness) can happen one after another, followed by the headache, which is pretty much what happened... Is this the same for stroke? I am only 28.

My main concern is that I recently started adderall for my ADD, and i know there is a very rare risk of stroke with it. (the first ocular migraine-only event happened months before the adderall though)

I'm honestly terrified of hospitals and have no insurance. So i was hoping to find out if a stroke can play out like that, in a series of events, or if it would have been all at once?
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Whether or not you like hospitals or have insurance, you need to go. If by chance you had a small stroke the damage it would of cause could turn out to be permanent could cause more damage. So just go to be on the safe side.
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yes i def understand that... but I can't seem to find an answer about if a stroke could happen with the symptoms separately happening, one after an another, ending up with just a head ache (like what i read happens with migraines)
or if it is something that happens all at once...
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its probably too much light that your eyes are getting so , try to use dark glasses or something , and be relax that helps a lot too , cause if you get stressed your brain works too hard to fix a problem that you think you cant solve and then a stroke may happen . dont get any pills unless youre dying , pills are bad for your body , listen to me , help yourself giving it some rest , relaxation and some good food too, put a cold water bag on your face for a few mins, i hope thatll help :D
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Update: the first episode today took place this morning at work around 9-10ish for a couple hours......

About an hour ago (6:30ish) upon getting home from work the exact same order of things happened but all on the opposite side. On the right side this time... Had about 30 minutes of a growing blur in right eye, about 20 minutes later my right hand went numb, then my face on more of the right side, for about another 10 mins... Then a slight headache... The only difference I can't be sure of is that this time I almost was mixing up my words (don't know from earlier cause I was at work and not talking out loud, I was talking to my fiancé this time and just had a harder time getting out what I meant to say)

Very confused. Could a stroke or Tia happen like this? In that specific order twice in the same day, same time frame, on the opposite side like that??? I've read these are migraine symptoms and can happen just like that... But what about that on two times in a day on each side?!

Any experts or opinions???
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I (33 year old female) have always gotten migraines, less often as I got older, and what you're describing sounds to me like a migraine aura (scintillating scotoma). In the past, these have happened to me prior to the painful part of the migraine, which I can sometimes ward off with a little advil and caffeine, but more recently I get the aura only and not the full-blown migraine.

I recently started taking 10mg Adderall XR for ADHD and have had 3 migraine auras in the last week, when I normally only have one every month or two. Also, they have come and gone much faster than usual (about 15 mins) but also block out more of my vision than usual. I know the adderall increases my blood pressure and pulse, so maybe that is contibuting.
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This video is very similar to what I experience
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