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My dad just had massive left brain stroke at night

Hello everyone. As title says, my dad had massive left sided brain isshemic stroke 6 days ago. He has swelling of the left side of brain, its 50% of brain.. I've talked to him at 2 am, he was normal - at 6 am we found him on the ground trying to get up... He can't get thrombolisys, the doctors wasn't 100% sure when the stroke happened... he got mannitol day after stroke or 11 hours after stroke - my mum had to fight for it... Now  he can't talk, doesn't understand questions at all. But he knows and understand what I plan to do (he clogs left ear when I want him listen to radio on EarPods, cover the phone and being mad when I want to take a picture of him, he puts his glasses when I give them to him). I don't know what should I expect, I am talking about rehabilitation... How long it takes? Will he live "normally"? He has only 52 years old... When I tickle his right foot, he reacts, bend fingers, straightens feet.. we are all afraid of him... He is an architect, an artist, a painter so I think his right side of brain will help him with recovery?
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He is sleeping mostly, probably of diabetes (probably thats the reason he got stroke)
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My father who is 53, had a stroke on December 23, 2016.  They said it was in his left carotid artery. They gave us absolutely no hope and said that the whole left side of his brain was dead and that there wasn't much hope for improvement.  The last any one spoke to him was 6:30 pm and then he was found at 12:00 am on the ground.  He had periods of consciousness but mostly just slept.  He was incontinent for around 7 days.  My father also received mannitol.  His condition improved (began to swallow, stand and respond with yes and no head shakes).  He was moved from the icu to a regular floor around 5 days after admission.  Two days later he was moved to an intensive inpatient rehab hospital.  He was there for around 3 weeks, where he was able to walk again and started to move his right arm and had some words he could speak.   He was determined to come home though and did just that.  He is home now.  He walks unassisted (probably needs to use a cane but doesn't)  He can lift his right arm to about the height of his head.  he has minimal movement in his right hand but there is some movement.  He eats unassisted with a good appetite.  He still doesn't speak in sentences, but is mostly able to indicate his needs/wants.  He also has some spontaneous words like "what, no, yes, ok etc"  He started outpatient physical therapy this week and starts outpatient occupational and speech therapy next week.  we are so thankful for how far he has come.  The brain is absolutely amazing! I noticed that your dad and mine were close in age.  How is he doing if you don't mind me asking?
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