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Recovery of movement after stroke

My father (70) had a hemorrhagic stroke four days ago. He has completely lost control and is unable to move his left side (leg and arm) but has no other effect (ex. no speech or cognitive issues).

I am sure he will start physical therapy soon but I am desperately trying to find out more information about his recovery. In particular, is there any cases or information on the recovery probabilities of his arm and leg?

Thank you for your help...
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Recovery from a stroke is very individualized.  A persons own desire to get better and the support he receives will all have an affect on his recovery.  I did not have  a stroke but did have nerve damage to my spine.  i was told i would never walk again but 3 years later I am walking with a cane and occasionally have to use a walker. Physical Therapy is very important and daily exercise does make a difference.  Even when I did not want to do them I had to.  Short little goals are best as one can reach those little goals.  Good luck with your father and I will keep you al in my prayers.
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In case of my wife in six months she had recovery and started inependently walking. But to avoid fall we always gave some supporting device like wheel chair so that she will not fall.
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Recovery is really dependent on the damage in the brain. Your doctor should tell you what areas are in the bleed drainage area and how long it should take to reabsorb that blood. They he should be able to tell you what areas have died and what those functions covered. After that you should get therapies for both sets of damage. But you won't, you'll get the comment, 'All strokes are different, all stroke recoveries are different'. This is just an excuse to not have to think about and research what works for stroke recovery. Good luck, you are basically on your own in trying to find out what works.
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