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Stiffness of left side of neck radiating to left arm

For last two months, my father was reporting stiffness/heaviness at left side starting from the left side of the skull .. down to neck, diaphragm along with stiffness in left shoulders down to finger tip. All on left side of body.

MRI scans were done and an old infarct in the right thalamus is detected which is said to be as a result of mild stroke which went unnoticed.

His problem now is that, he is having a feeling of heaviness as if, some weight is hung on his left side of the body. Just that the whole left side is acting as one unit (not physically, but I guess it's just a feeling. He can move his hands or there is no physical weakness detected. Its just the numbness. He feels irritated in the left part whenever his body is exposed to below room temperature, like taking bath, being in an AC room etc.

Doctor said, it is a feeling, and have to live accepting the fact. Though a few medicines like Pregalin, Tryptomer, Clopilet, Amlovas and Nootropil is being taken, he is wondering whether the stiffness or the feeling of weight can be cured with physiotherapy or medicines.

Do we have any medical term for this situation ? And how long it would take him to be normal. What measures needs to be taken inorder for him not to get another stroke ?

His BP is at 140/100. Age 62.
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