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my aunt got an stroke and she had an excellent recovery. Unfortunately after a while she started having visual problems such as double vision. She also complained about not being able to move her right eye to see the floor or to see the walls. What nerve or nerves might have been affected by the stroke? why?

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I had a stroke in Jan. 2010 and since then I have talked to dozens and dozens to stroke survivors and have found out that there are so many different symptoms that can come from a stroke that there is not a perfect answer. Each stroke is different to each different person. One thing may happen to your aunt that didn't happen to me, but may happen to thousands of others. Sight problems are common after a stroke and many times do go away after some time. If it gets worse or she is worried, see her doctor. In the mean time, tell her not to panic, many times these odd things happen and go away. Her brain is re-wiring itself around the dead spot in her brain and while that is going on, other weird things sometimes happen.

To be honest, my doctor didn't help me much after my stroke, because he didn't know either. I had to figure out a lot of these things by myself, unfortunately. I would be happen to answer questions I can about stroke recovery if I can help you at all.
God Bless,
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I had a stroke last Sept, actually two strokes. Since then I've developed vision problems. My right eye doesn't constrict the pupal. It lets far too much light in. I went to an eye doctor who told me to see an eye surgeon. When I'm in a room with florescent light or outside I get nothing but white. It's not getting better, it's getting worse. Oh well sunglesses and one good eye will have to do.  
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i wanted to ask you if the stroke is gone now? maybe your body it isn't as it was before or it is? so can you tell me since 2010 how many years it took for you recovery ? or does it continues still, like for example how many years can a stoke go? even if theyre a lot of different of strokes.
i would've be happy if you replaied this comment. thank you
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