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When is my dad (stroke victim) going to respond to commands

Hello my dad 51 years old had a stroke about 5 days ago. Lucky that his girlfriend found him in the morning face down in his vomit inside his RV. He was then transferred to the hospital! Right now he is hooked up to a ventilator but doctors are saying that he is breathing on his own. He is unresponsive to anything we say, but he does cough every now and then which causes him to have a gag reflex due to all the tubes in his mouth. When they pinch him for a test he also moves. As most of you guys know this is a very painful experience to go through, I was on deployment when I got the call and I was lucky for my command to let me go on emergency leave..I come to the hospital everyday just wanted to know is this normal for him to still only be breathing and not responding to most commands, they just took him off his sleep medication yesterday, have a family letting today in the afternoon where we I will find more information. Thank you for any responses, and best wishes to any other families going through this
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We were now informed that my dad is in a coma, he has hemmorage stroke and they believe it happened on the brain stem party, there is still a lot of blood they need to drain they said , and they will give us more info in about a week..anybody know about this or go through this and have a positive outcome please text or call 3238981500
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Hi, understand what you are going through. Its painful to see a loved one in coma. Hemorrhagic strokes if they are causing compressive symptoms need to be drained. But this depends on the location of bleed and his present clinical condition. Sometimes a patient can start with a clot, take anti-coagulants and end up with a bleed. It is difficult to predict the prognosis. His treating doctors will be able to give an ongoing update. Please consult them.  Good luck with his recovery. Regards.
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