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anaesthetic for hip fracture surgery with stroke

My dad is 67 and has had a stroke 18 months ago. He fractured his hip last week"interthrochanteric fracture" and will have a surgery tomorrow. Which anaesthetic is most suitable for him? And what are the risks and probabilities of complications rellated to his stroke history? I mean in figures please.
Thank you
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Hi Emmy,
What do you mean by "figures?"
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Hello! Thanks for your reply. I was trying to know the statistics of any risks after general anaesthesia in patients with stroke clot history and myocardial infarction. My dad has already had the hip surgery 2 days ago, but we can notice that he can't use the walker and is unable to get out of bed for more than a few seconds because of dizziness as he claims. Would this raise any worries about confusion in stroke patients post op. How long should it take before we should really worry or is there any way we can assess him?
Thanks for your reply.
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Hi again,
Statistics I don't have, sorry.  I can really only speak of my own surgeries post stroke.  I've had eight, all under general anesthesia except for the last one, and I was fortunate not to have any bad effects.
My best guess with your father is that it will take time; crappy answer I know, but it's an honest one.  Speaking with his physical therapist may be helpful in assessing him.
Whatever you decide to do, your father's lucky to have you!
Take care,
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Good morning!
Thanks ever so much for your reply. It WAS reassuring. He is much better this morning. I hope all goes well with you too. Will definitely keep in touch with his physiotherapist as often as possible. He is a wonderful dad and ironically it has always been difficult healthwise, but its worth every effort we make.
Take care and thanks again,
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You're very welcome! :))
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