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botox for spasticity in the hand post stroke

My dad is one year post ischemic stroke which affected his right side.  He has been getting physical therapy since then. He walks with a hemi-walker and assistance. The good thing is that he can communicate and he told me he saw on the tv show "The Doctors" that Botox injections for post stroke patients has proved to be successful. i have been reading articles and one in particular by Dr. Bashear and it does seem promising.  how do we go about getting the injections? can my father's internist order them for him and administer the shots?  Last question, does Medicare cover them?  My father also has medicaid would they pick up what medicare doesn't?
  I know he would love to have some use of his right hand again. He is 83 years old and has had his share of medical poblems, including prostate cancer,knee replacement, gall bladder surgery w/a gangrenous stone.  He always was able to walk out of the hospital and recover. This time, of course, he can't do that and he is sad about that.  He has a positive attitude so anything that can help him regain some use of his hand would go a long way in  his reovery.
  Thank you for your time and i look forward to your answer.
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