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Lumbrosacral Plexus Injury

In July 2010, I had total hip replacement surgery; while the epidural was being performed, I experienced excruciating pain, the sensation of being shocked, and m left leg flew up in the air on two separate occassions while the epidural was being done.  Immediately after the surgery, I became aware of changes in my right calf muscle, and right foot.  Specifically severe pain, weakness, numbness and tingling, shocking and stabbing sensations, a drop foot and sensations of pricking, needle sticking, lack of circulation, inability to weight bear on right side, sensation radiating down back of right leg.  These symptoms have continued relentlessly since July and even interferes with my everyday activities, and ability to function overall.  I felt like there had been an injury to my spine during the epidural process as I immediately began experiencing these symptoms upon the needle striking what felt like a vertebre.  However, my Orthopedic Surgeon felt that I was experiencing sciatic nerve issues and that within a couple of weeks all would return to normal and I would be okay.  Unfortunately, quite the contrary after constant suffering unrelentingly from July to date.  I researched sciatic nerve damage and the symptoms indicated were not any that I was experiencing.  Finally, I was examined by a Neurologist in early October, and after performing EMG, and related nerve conduction studies, the Neurologist advised me that I have Severe Lumbosacral Plexus Injury.  Please tell me if there is anything that can be done to release me from the torment of the constant pain and abnormal sensations that I experience constantly, without fail or relief.  

Also, please advise me as to the possible etiology of this Lumbrosacral Plexus Injury - the Epidural vs. nerve damage sustained as a result of the placement of the right hip prothesis.  
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Dear Friend,
I would suggest you to have a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) study done before we start a big debate about the nature and extend of the injury. Also my judgment would be biased as the opinion would depend upon the feedback provided by you. This sort of nerve tissue involvement require expert doctor's physical evaluation, before commenting further.
So please get an NCV done, so that we can discuss it further.
Following the NCV study, shall explain you the etiology of the Lumbosacral Plexus damage, only if i feel , it's related to you, else shall not discuss.
Waiting for further discussion, as a continuation of this post itself.
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