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Partial Knee Replacement After Meniscectomy To Prevent Bone Damage ?

       I am a 61 year old male who had a meniscectomy in october of last year on the posterior horn of my right medial meniscus. There were minimal signs of inflammation or arthritis present. Both the tibia and femur contact/ bearing surfaces were fine.
       As a powerlifter for twenty years plus, I believe I simply wore the cartilage down (plus age).
       I am not overweight (150 lbs) and am in good physical shape.
      As such, the surgeon did not believe I would have any need of joint replacement surgery for a couple of years.
      However, it is now august and  I am having some pain ....... particularly after taking an hour's walk (which I do frequently for exercise).
      I, of course, now have bone against bone contact in the joint.
      Somehow, it doesn't make sense to me to continue waiting for the bone surfaces to wear down ....... creating damage to the bones themselves and perhaps encouraging arthritis.
     Wouldn't it make more sense to do a partial knee replacement now in order to prevent this process (prophylaxis/prevention) or do the risks or consequences of the surgery make non-replacement currently the lesser of two evils?  

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Dear Friend,
Well pain is the basic indication for surgery. However, if the pain can be controlled via medications and exericses, then the surgery can be avoided.
The treating doctor would be able to tell you in a better way, about the necessity of the surgery.
However, if you are persistently getting pain, then i would surely recomend you surgery and that too a total joint replacement, instead of a partial joint replacement as that would reduce the chances of re-surgery. So if at all you are / your doctor is planing for surgery, please go for a total knee replacement.
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