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Organizing and to-do list tips

We all make them from time to time or atleast I assume you have make at least one.

Do you often find it hard to do everything on your list. Maybe your asking to much or maybe your list is so crazy you just toss it out.

Heres some tips to help you out.

1. Only put things that can be done right then and there, (dont just put clean house that a goal and for some peoples house a big one.) Do more like clean dishes, vacuum. Put things that get you to that goal. When you make a grocery list do you "BBQ Chicken meal" Or do you put "Chicken, BBQ sauce, Peas, etc" Think of it like that.

2. Most of us have lives that we have to deal with so you can often say I just dont have time. Well then you need to stick to just a few major goals. and make this to-do list with steps that points to those goals.

3. If you use a board to write your to-do list out do it in multi colors if you can its said this will make you look at it more.

4. I heard of a way to schedule yourself to maximize productivity. Its called a 30-30 schedule. 30 minutes of something you like and 30 minutes something that work or that you don't like as much. I like this because the truth is most people only have about 20minutes of complete focus. (most some have more others have less) So after this brief period of time if your still doing the same task your "focus" keeps going down. until your beginning to stray from what your meant to do. Now this works better for those of us who work at home obviously but you still maybe able to apply it to other things as well.  

I have go to school now so tell us what you do to stay organized and such
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Thanks for this, Cloud.  My to-do list might be more compelling in colors, I never thought of that.  And the 30/30 idea and 20 minute focus thing could make a difference.  
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