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Chronic nausea & little to no other symptoms?

Hi! I'm Sydney, and I'm a relatively healthy, 5'5, 120-ish pound 15 year old girl. I've never really experienced any major health issues, although my dad did have weird stomach problems that no doctor could quite diagnose. (Though he just recently passed away, so I can't really try to compare what he felt to my own pain.) Anyway, I'm getting off-track. I've suffered from chronic nausea that's lasted for maybe two years now, coming in waves that usually last a number of months. The breaks between them feel to be much shorter. I cannot seem to find why I feel nauseous all the time. I've been told it might be anxiety, but that was ruled out when I'd get nauseous with little to no feelings of anxiety about anything. I've been told it might be the antidepressants I'm taking, but I've heard that nausea related to that should only last for the first two weeks, max (I take about 300mg of Wellbutrin every morning, along with 10mg of Adderall for my ADD on school days). Sometimes the nausea is accompanied with a headache, although I don't think they're related because the headaches are much, much less frequent & less severe. The severity of the nausea kind of depends on the day, as some days (rarely) I can wake up with none and it will get progressively worse, but most of the time I wake up with mild to severe nausea that gets less and less irritating throughout the day until I get in the car to drive home from school. In the car, the nausea usually gets a little worse before subsiding, but I think that's just the car. Some days I go so far as to try and induce vomiting or dry-heaving because I'm usually rewarded relief afterwards, sometimes all day and sometimes only for a little. By around noon, the nausea is usually gone before resurfacing at night. I try to eat, but I have little to no appetite. I try to sleep, but I usually only end up getting 7 hours max and 5 hours min (normally 6 hrs a night). I've tried to be specific, and I hope that someone out there can help me!! Thanks!
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Hi again! Sydney here. I just wanted to add that I never get the nausea when I sleep in on weekends, and it got a lot, a lot worse when I tried birth control for the first time. Thanks so much!
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Sorry about the passing of your dad.  For your nausea, you could visit with your doctor to question the possibilities of medication side effects.  You might be relieved by taking a small dose of Pepto Bismol or similar product.  Besides medications, stress comes to mind as a cause depending upon your feelings towards school, driving, teen issues in general, the death of your dad, lack of sleep, and so on.  
Thanks!! I went to a doctor and we found out that the acid reflux I had when I was a baby has resurfaced and manifested itself in the form of nausea, so now I'm on acid reducer pills that have helped me a ton. Thank you so much for your help!
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