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Pregnant or female fluid?

I have recently had sex and Iam confused and worried about if I got my partner pregnant. We had sex (WITH A CONDOM TROJAN) and I ejaculated inside her vagina. We continued to have intercourse for about 20-30 more seconds. Wasnt ruff sex if that makes a difference

When I pulled out I saw this fluid all around her vagina. IT was clear but it also had this white stuff around. I understand the clear liquid because its like natural female lubricant when females get aroused but I have NO IDEA what that white stuff was.
(It was my first load when I ejaculated in the condom. Not sure that makes a difference)

She was in a orgasm i think...? (still kinda new at sex) She had heavy breathing and went a little wild so im guessing she had a really big orgasm and ejaculated on me?

It was white like sperm but it was small portions/chunks? around her area and not just gooy like sperm but Im still afraid.

Also checked for holes and there was none in the condom.


When I pulled off the condom my penis still had the lubricant think substance on my penis and was not wet as it should be if sperm was to overflow the condom BUT im not sure It happened really fast.

I did happen to touch and feel the white stuff with my fingers. Felt like almost water? A bit creamy, It really looked like pre ejaculation.

It also did not smell like sperm. (Sperm has a really distinctive smell) It didnt really smell like anything. But the only thing I smelt was the latex condom I used.


Is she pregnant?
What are the chances?
COULD HAVE the condom over flowed?
Is it really sperm?
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I highly doubt she is pregnant. However, to be safe, she should take a home pregnancy test just to be sure. I'm not really sure of an exact number for the chances, but they are pretty low. Also, I don't think the condom overflowed. It may have just been her stuff on her vag.
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Please more detail!
What exactly is the color of female lubricant? I know its a transparent substance but Isnt true It can be also be white and almost look like sperm if she is aroused enough or something?

I also remember the white things i saw was only around her vagina and around the "lips" and not INSIDE and dripping. (if that helps)

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female vaginal dischnage can vary in colour and consistancy depending on the girl, where she is in her menstrual [period] cyle, and if she she has infections, like yeast infections, which can cause a cottage cheese like discharge.   To me, the 'fluid' you saw sounds like it probably came from her. In my experince, semen is generally all that 'chunky' but sometimes female discharge can be [though if it was super chunk she should probably get checked out]

If she misses her period, she should take a pregnancy test, but since you used a condom, and the condom was stil firmly on you when you pulled out, she should most likely not be pregnant.

For next time, don't continue to have sex after you have ***, and hold onto the top of the condom, at your base, when you pull out so the condom can't slip off while u pull out.

hope this helped.
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whoops, confusing typo..i meant to say...

**semen is NOT generally all that 'chunky' but sometimes female discharge can be
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