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stressed out about weight!!!!

okay..I need some honest answers.  I'm 17, 5 ft. 4 in. and I weigh about 135-137 lbs.  Last summer I weighed about 125, and it didn't really take any extra effort, I was actually eating a good amount and felt really good.  But this year i don't know what happpened...I just went up to the 130's...and I CANNOT get back down.  I've tried everything...no sweets...drastically cutting calories...nothing works.  I might also mention that I run almost every day and walk..usually run three miles, and walk 1-2..so i'm pretty active.  I just don't know how to lose it, short of to just stop eating for like two weeks.  This is a major stress point for me, because when I don't eat I feel horrible and have a hard time exercising...if I don't get enough exercise I tend to get depressed...and running makes me hungry at the same time.  All I want to do is get back into the 120's..right now i just feel alot of guilt about my weight, and i feel gross and unattractive.  People have told me i'm not fat...but definitions of fat vary.  Someone please answer me honestly...i really need to solve this problem this summer!
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keep an HONEST food diary for a week - write down EVERYTHING you eat and figure out the calories (knowing the protein would be helpful as well). Then come up with a sensible eating plan - not a diet! Diets make you fat, in the long run.

Weight watchers is sensible. Or go to a registered dietician after you do your food diary for a week or two and get a consultation. They will tell you what you need to do, if anything.

Health and fitness are the only things that matter. Only weight yourself once a week. There's much you can educsaste yourself on this topic.

If you want to listen to someone inspirational and learn lots from her as well, Jillian Michaels is terrific. She has a website, I believe. I listen to all of her podcasts - I downloaded them from iTunes (free) - to get them all, go to iTunes, do a search for "kfi", then see "all podcasts" from the results, then subscribe to their "Sunday" shows - there are other shows that come up in that Sunday batch but I just save and listen to hers. (The podcasts are from her live radio show on KFI640 am in LA every Sunday - but podcasts are easier! - - you can even call in to the show and ask questions!)

Now, while you are at your age, is the BEST time to be developing knowledge and good eating and exercise habits - so you can stay healthy and fit for your lifetime. Starving yourself just MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT. Important to learn how the body's metabolism works - check Jillian out. Good luck.

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It doesn't sound to me like you're overweight. Don't forget, muscle weighs more than fat and if you're exercising a lot and running, then you are gaining muscle, which is a good thing! Muscle will be more dense, make you look more lean, etc. You need to make sure you are eating enough to keep up with your exercising and drinking plenty of water. Try and eat healthy, lot's of lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, but don't get fanatic about it. If you are healthy (which it sounds like you are) then this may just be the  weight just right for your body. Don't try to copy the stick thin models or celebraties. They're at an abnormal weight for their bodies and actually endanger their health. Most of them go without eating, use drugs or diet pills to stay that thin. Look at their faces though. They usually look tired and pale. Don't forget airbrush does wonders on pictures too!
Try and relax and just eat normally. Your body will let you know when you need to eat if you will listen to it. Our bodies are actually pretty good at telling us when we're hungry or full but sometimes we don't listen to our bodies and wind up overeating or undereating.
I hope this helps! Take care.
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Erm. I don't think reducing your food intake helps. I don't eat much, personally, and loads of people think it's because i'm trying to lose weight and they've all told me something along the lines of "Don't stop eating or your body goes into survival and stores all the fat."

Anyway...yeah, might just wanna eat fruit and veg regularly and continue exercising.
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