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DHEA and enlarged thyroid

What are possible causes for an abnormal increase in DHEA to several times normal range in a young male of about 26?  (The change is accompanied by an enlarged thyroid.)  

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Such a condition can likely result from the ingestion of an over the counter supplement called DHEA, or a similar "safer" one called 7-keto DHEA. I also was 26 when I started taking 7-keto for athletic performance.  Several months later I developed several problems including the right side of my thyroid's being enlarged.  Also I have other unpleasant side effects. I am now 27 and had my thyroid ultrasound done recently.  Supplements like DHEA are dangerous , especially for young people. Its like taking steroids except is messes with the thyroid. If you want to get in touch , send me a message and ill give you my contact info
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In agreement with taking the supplement DHEA 7 keto - also other wieght building and preformace products can cause endocrine issues.

Taking T3 hormone, adding in testosterone builders etc.
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