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Hashimoto's hypothyroidism 25 yrs., Sjogrens Syndrome

I had a complete Endo profile 3 weeks ago. Again the thyroid, TSH is at 20.29 range 0.27 - 4.2. uIU/ML,
T-3 = 1.7 Range 2.6 - 4.6 pg/ml
T-4 Was mildly high on profile 3 mos. ago but TSH was at 27. My range is all over the place. I have been losing weight, unusual but I am. Lack of appetite, severe brain fog. I was put on T-3 noticed a major improvement first week. 5MCG X 2 per day. Now, I am back to  lack of appetite and weight loss again. Had Cortisol, Aldosterone level was told it was normal. It is really ruining my life. Any thoughts or will this be as good as it gets? I am on  low dose prednisone. Mother had pituitary tumor. Is Pred messing up my metabolism?
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