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Hypothyroidism or NOT?

I went to my family doctor  in 2009 and my TSH was low (see labs below), so they sent me to an endocrinologist.
TSH - 0.302 (0.450 - 4.500)
T4, FD - 1.13 (0.61 - 1.76)
Thyroxine (T4) - 7.9 (4.5 - 12.0)
Free Thyroxine - 2.0 (1.2 - 4.9)
T3 Uptake - 25 (24 - 39)

I have been going to the endocrinologist for 3 years and I've been put on every medication for the actual symptoms, except for the thyroid.  My last labs were in April.

T4, FD - 0.98 (0.82 - 1.77)
TSH - 1.330 (0.450 - 4.500)

I was very upset at my last visit because of the inability to lose weight, so they put me on an antidepressant.  I have been on two exercise programs that the doctor has recommended.  Currently on Weight Watchers and it has taken me 5 months to lose 10 pounds.   I am currently taking these meds: Estradiol, MedroxyProgesterone, Sertraline, Fenofibric Acid, Atenolol, Potassium, Vitamin D, & Furosemide.

I have most all of the symptoms for hypo, but the doctor refuses to consider the symptoms because of the bloodwork.  Could I have a Thyroid problem or NOT?

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Yes, you could have a thyroid problem.  Your FT4 is very low in the range and your doctor is not testing for FT3, which correlates best with symptoms.  

I'd suggest that you look for another doctor, who will do adequate testing and treat according to symptoms as well as labs.
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