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Thyroid & the Gym

I'm an active bodybuilder about to have a thyroidectomy. Are there any other bb's or weighlifters out there who have had thyroid surgery, or people on synthroid, with comments or experiences to share?

I'm worried as to how the thyroidectomy and subsequent hypo will affect my bb/weightlifting life.

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Well, I am by far not a body builder, however, I do some strength training along with cardio on a regular basis. I had been doing this 5-6x a week since last Dec up until my surgery last month. It is ironic you posted this because I have tried 3 times now to "ease" back into the weights with little luck. Finally just this week I was able to do the wieght training machines (no free weights) at a minimal amount. I lowered all of my weights to two levels lower than when I last lifted.... some of those were ok and others were still too much. The main problem I am having is with pullups/chinups; bicep curl and tricep and vertical butterfly... they "pull" at my neck muscles too much and really cause pain. I am almost 6 weeks post op and my Dr's both said I could return to any form of excersize as long as it felt OK. Like I said, this was my third attempt and finally I could do some of them. One of the guys there at the gym said there is no way I should be doing ANY weights for at least 6-8 weeks... he was suprized the Dr's ok-d me to go for it. I way overdid on Monday and so I just went easy today (Wed) and am still sore (in my neck) but I am just going slow.  As far as the hypo part.... just stay on your meds and get them regulated and there should be no problems. You might find your overly tired or worn until the meds get on track, but there is no reason you should not be able to workout once you are healed from the surgery. I'd talk to the Dr's and if you have a trainer, work with him/her. Good luck!!!
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