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weaning off metoprolol for hyperthyroidism rapid heart rate

I had hyperactive thyroid which gave me a fast heart rate and they put me on 25 mg metoprolol 2x per day since Feb 2008.
Had thyroid surgery this Nov 28th adn everyone assumed I can now go off the beta blocker and heart rate should go back to normal
Did 2 weeks of only 25mg 1x per day
Now 3 days ago doc says take the 25mg pill and cut it in half 12.5mg and take every monring.
But my pulse is back up to the 80s and low 90s. It goes in episodes,it races for aobut 30 minutes and then settles ot the 80s again. The 90s is really bothersome.
Since he is now gone until new year, I"m not sure if I should go back on 25 1x per day or just wait this out and keep plugging away with the 12.5 and see if it eventually evens out - how long would that be typically?
thank you for any advise....
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my hr has always been inthe high 80's 50-100 resting is considered norm anything over 100 is tachyardia I would weigh it out I was on it for 5 years 12.5 x2 daily I cut if  cold and had bad anxiety after the first week then went back on 12.5 1x daily and then went off completely .. but you are fine ... if you haveother symptoms i might call the doc but it should calm down. good luck
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