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new research on atypical TN and chronic pain

I am referring you to this remarkable video from a speech given by Dr. Ken Casey from the University of Michigan  called the TIdes of Neuropathic Pain. It touches somewhat on TN but more so on Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, now known as Type 2 TN and the long lasting effects of chronic pain on the brain. In his talk he demonstrates with diagrams and MRI's so we can see what this disease and pain do to us permanently over time.
He talks about the different types of surgical options and proposes a new outlook on things, questioning the validity of waiting for surgery. He discusses Motor Cortex Stimulation surgery in detail as it is looking like a new option for Type 2 TN as well as a few other procedures. He also discusses some new drug alternatives, which are especially helpful for those who have had reactions to such drugs as Tegretol or have run the course of traditional treatment options.
It is a most informative video. Please be sure and have a pen and paper on hand before you watch it as there is so much information in it.
You will have to sign up with the Facial Pain Association to access it, but it's a good idea to do so anyway. It's free, they don't spam you and it will give you access to new research articles, doctors in your area, conference information and all sorts of other information. It only takes a few minutes to register, no more than it does for Medhelp.
I must warn you the video is almost 2 hours long. Break it up if you must. It would also be helpful if your spouse, significant other or family member watched it with you as it really explains so much about not just TN, ATN but about living with chronic pain as well.

I hope you find it helpful. Let me know what you think. You can also access the Facial Pain Association and the video through Facebook I believe.

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