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Blood sugar has months of bring slightly elevated then goes down

My blood sugar is usually around 88 around 3 hours after a meal. Both of my parents are diabetic, so I test once in a while. From late Feb through early May, my blood sugar would be around 100 when I woke up, and stay up all day. It would not go above 150 after a meal, but even 4-5 hours after a meal, it was still over 100 when usually it's lower. I wasn't having high carb meals. I eat healthy with complex carbs and protein/fiber with every meal. In early May, my sugars went down to normal again. I did nothing different. Now it seems it's going up slightly again, though it is much lower than what it was before. I went to the doctor, and they have no idea. She ran many tests, but they were all normal, even the a1c and fasting glucose. I would think if I was becoming diabetic that the sugars would be higher and they wouldn't just fall. I cannot find anything on the internet at all except diabetes and that's it. There has to be another cause. I have zero symptoms of diabetes.
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Your fasting blood sugar is still within normal range, so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. Just continue to keep an eye on it. Diabetes is diagnosed solely based upon numbers, meaning that diabetes and pre-diabetes are the same disease process and just one blood sugar point can differentiate the two. Diagnosis requires 3 separate fasting blood glucose tests, spaced apart. A lot of things can affect your readings, aside from just diet- exercise, hydration, stress, illness, etc. I would just continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Keep an eye on it, but don't obsess over it. There are a lot of variables, many of which even the doctors can't always explain. If you're concerned, you can google the glucose reading criteria for diabetes and pre-diabetes.
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Sorry, title should be Blood sugar has months of being slightly elevated then goes down. I can't edit the title.
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