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Cant figure out left leg pain, stiffness and overactive reflexes

I’m 52, have had left leg pain (hip area down to ankle) left hip is painful to touch, aching in left leg, pain in knee and stiffness in left knee ( low mobility in knee ). Doctor said my reflexes are overactive. I’ve had MRI cervical, MRI lumbar ( nothing conclusive ). Also having bladder issues. Recurring UTIs or what feels like UTI, bladder control issues and urinary frequency.
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Were you checked  for hip bursitis?  That's the most likely thing if your hip is painful to the touch.  Were you checked for a deformity that can lead to labrum tears?  Does the pain radiate down the leg?  That could be periformis syndrome.  That's a small muscle that's part of the hip area and the sciatic nerve goes over it in many people so when it gets inflamed it causes sciatica.  Bursitis and periformis problems don't show up on an MRI.  You also don't state if you had X-rays or an MRI of your hip and pelvic region, which seems odd as you again report the hip is painful to the touch, again, a sign of bursitis which is diagnosed by touching where it hurts and manipulating it and by injecting the bursa sacs with painkiller to see if that takes the pain away.  Your knee pain could be something else or it could be pain radiating down from the hip.  Could be a sign or bad shoes or poor posture or pronating or lots of things that involve overstressing that side of your body.  I have no idea what overactive reflexes are.  Bladder issues can also be caused by radiating nerve pressure from these things, or even from the neck but it could be completely unrelated.  You could have a prostate problem there, but if you've had recurrent UTIs that can suggest you took too many antibiotics that destroyed your protective organisms that prevent them.  You say you're a female in your profile, but I brought up prostate because a lot of people on here put inaccurate info in their profiles, but obviously if you're a female that wouldn't apply.  UTIs can also be passed back and forth between sex partners.  So it could all be related but unlikely, as knee stiffness is a separate problem from nerve radiation, and UTIs wouldn't cause hip or knee pain.  Did you see a general doc or specialists?
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