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Causes of repeated severe vomiting episodes?

For about 15 months I've had periodic bouts of dizziness (or light headedness) followed by nausea and then vomitting. I would be fine for about 4 to 5 weeks and then have an episode that lasted 4 or five days before I would end up in the emergency room with IVs for saline, magnesium, and potassium as well as various anti-nausea medicines, followed by a day or two in the hospital (to continue the electrolyte IVs). Lately the time between these episode has reduced to about three weeks.

I've had CT scans of my abdomen, and brain. I've had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. I've had a sonogram and X-ray of my liver and abdominal aorta stent (to see if the stent was compromising blood flow to the liver). All these test were negative. My family doctor is at a loss to figure this out.

I just finished 5 vertigo therapy sessions. The therapist found some indication of BPPV but I feel that her conclusion was not solid. I feel no difference in dizziness and I've had one vomiting episode (with hospitalization) since starting the therapy.

I am 79 years old, male, and I take medicine for anxiety, cholesterol, acid refllux, and high blood pressure but with medicine all these conditions are under control.

Are there other things we could look at?
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I would say that since you have had all the tests and they have come back "normal" that the next step would be to see a chiropractor. Lots of folks with dizziness have misaligned vertebrae in their neck and when adjusted, they are better; the chiro will first take an x-ray however to determine the exact area that needs to be adjusted.
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I've used a chiropractor before for other problems. You've given me an idea. Thanks
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