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Confused after CT scan and left worrying over this mass

Hello everyone, I have been posting on here a lot lately hoping to connect with someone/someones who have been through what I am currently going through.
About 3 months ago I started getting short of breath doing simple chores, most of the times I can't even carry my 3 year old. I ringed my primary dr only to be told my insurance had switched me to a different primary and so I needed to contact them. I phoned my insurance, found out who it was and called for an appointment. This was back   in February. They gave me an appointment for May 1st and when I asked why it was so far out they told me it was the soonest they had for a new patient. Towards the middle or end of March I was in the shower and while washing I felt something under my left rib area. I already had an appointment set so I went on with my day to day. A few weeks later on April 17th again I was in the shower and when I got out and was drying off in that area it felt a lump move inside of me when I put pressure around that area. This freaked me out and I went to the ER. The ER doctor came in, felt around though not on the area I pointed out and told me I had a lipoma but I was fine and sent me home. Between April 17th and May 1st it feels like this thing has grown, its not small at all. May 1st comes I go to my dr, he feels around and saysvhe feels nothing where the ER dr said she fekt this lipoma but he would order a chest x ray and x rays of my ribs to be sure but he felt something further to the left which is the spot I feel it and he was gonna send me for a ct scan of my abdomen. He called it an upper left quadrant abdominal mass and he also gave me a script for blood work. I go get the x rays and blood work done but the appt I set for the ct scan was cancelled the day before because they didn't yet get authorization from my insurance. A couple days pass by and still nothing. I am genuinely worried about my health and I feel like a lot of time has already passed since I found this thing so I go back to the ER. The ER dr agrees to do the ct scan without contrast and put it on a disc so I could follow up with my dr. Wonderful right? Well not really because 30 mins after I had it, he comes in, says ct scan is clear, gives me my papers and disc and sends me on my way. The whole way home im confused because I can feel this thing. When I get home I look at the report and realized he gave me a ct scan of my chest! Not at all what my dr wanted and I just got a heavy dose of radation for nothing. The next morning I call dr, still no auth so I go as a walk in to the imaging place and pay to have the proper ct scan done. He ordered a ct scan without contrast if my abdomen. They did however have me drink a barrium.

Yesterday late afternoon I call dr office and speak with his nurse. I asked her if my results had come in yet. She tells me x rays are normal, ct scan showed a kidney stone and a small hernia near my belly button but no mass. I forgot to ask about my blood work which were just basic labs. She moved my follow up to may 9th since all my results were in and that was that.

I do not understand any of this. I can feel this thing and when I push on it or even apply pressure to the general area like to the side of it, I can feel it move inside my body and its not little, its a decent size. I do not know if it moves or if my pushing it makes it push into something near by so it feels like its moving but it feels more like it actually moves. Its not under my skin its inside. I am not imagining it, its there and its not like I'm the only one who felt it. Everyday that passes I worry more and more. I feel like something like this needs attention. I am confused, frustrated, worried and afraid. I am 35 years old with 3 kids who need me to be well. It does not hurt when I push on it at all. I do get pains here and there in that area when I move a certain way etc. I wonder if anyone here has been through similar? I feel like I'm losing my mind here. Forgive the long post, I just wanted to give as much info as I could
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