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Could Sleep Apnea Cause Neurological Issues?

Hi all I'm 35year old female who within the first few months of this year have been having strange symptoms.

First it began with me being really tired and having nausea most of the time i have had this symptom before I get tired a lot.

I first thought maybe it's my ovarian cyst causing these symptoms I have a cyst on both ovaries.

Then after that I was having leg pain and discomfort for 3 days and the leg pain continued on my left side for a week and also started to get pain in my left arm which was strange.

That week both my feet became swollen and I'm thinking it could be a blood clot in my leg because I've had surgery months ago or somethings wrong with my heart .

I went to the ER they did all the tests required: liver, kidney, thyroid, heart x ray, ECG. All came out normal they also referred me to cardiologist to make sure my heart was okay.

While I was waiting for my appointment with the cardiologist I started to develop twitching on my right hand I've had twitching before but this was different it was continuous and it didn't stop.

Then it progressed to my toes twitching.

My heart tests come out all normal but my cardiologist suspects that I may have sleep apnea.

After that my neurological symptoms have escalated to myoclonic non ecliptic seizures not a confirmed diagnosis until I complete further testing .

They have found a arachnoid cyst on my MRI scan but my neurologist says it's small and its normal and he thinks my symptoms are due to stress or trauma (specifically domestic violence and sexual abuse)he keeps making these two types of abuse the focus of the reason but I've never been abused and he kept saying that people don't like to tell their doctors I was quite mad because I have no trauma in my life to cause this and for him to keep insisting on it made my blood boil.
Then he said we will wait for the EEG results which has been rescheduled till June because of coronavirus.

The cardiologist also referred me for a sleep home test but that keeps getting rescheduled too.

I'm wondering could sleep apnea cause these symptoms?

I've asked the cardiologist can sleep apnea cause seizures he said yes because not enough oxygen is in the brain.
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I have done blood tests all normal my b12 and folate are also normal
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Sleep apnea can cause a lot of stuff, and it can also cause nothing at all, so it's very hard to say.  I have a friend who has it when he gets overweight -- that's the greatest cause of it along with conditions such as asthma or allergies so when you add too much weight to those things it can cause it -- and when he has it he gets anxious when he drives because he's tired.  His permanent fix is losing weight, but when he does have it he says CBD oil fixes the anxiety for him and helps him sleep.  How much it affects someone depends on the severity and just who you are.  I wake up all the time and my doctor kept wanting me to get tested for apnea, but do take care in who does the testing because most sleep study centers are just ways to sell you a CPAP machine, as it's a gold mine that needs constant expenditures of money.  My problem was from one of the 3 most common sleep problems, that caused by side effects of medication, and I could never get this doctor to hear me that I never had it until I stopped a medication and got a sleep problem.  So one, make sure you do have it, and make sure it's the problem if you do have it.  My wife has it, it's obvious, she often wakes herself up by snoring or snorting but just goes back to sleep and has no ill effects from it.  So as you can see, yes, it can be a nightmare or nothing at all.  Do get tested, you've seen several docs and they've so far eliminated a lot of possibilities -- one was a slow heart, but you apparently don't have that -- and if it's severe, try the remedy for it and if your problems go away you know you've found the answer.  If they don't, you know you haven't.  But it could still be lots of things and sometimes it takes a lot of different doctors to find one who finds the right answer.  As with most things medical, the answer is, yes. and also no.  It just depends on how your body reacts.  But it could also be something else.  Keep searching.  Peace.
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