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Head issues that have been ongoing, unresolved, need help


This is probably going to be a long post but at this point im not sure what to do.

I have been having issues since '21 and I have been to numerous doctors and have had CT's and MRI's, blood tests, ultra sounds, just a bunch of stuff, I feel like my doctor at this point doesn't know.

I have been tested for Tumors and Aneurysms and everything came up ok.

In early December of '22, I had a muscle spasm/twitching on the right side of my head for exactly two days above the ear near the temple and after a headache settled in for three months after, the headache would start where the twitching occurred and continue around the head and to this day I still get the same symptoms with actual pain around the temple area.

Other symptoms include scatter brain, troubles concentrating, brain fog, having issues remembering things.

In 2021 I was put on Hydrocodone (for pain relief relating to an GI issue) for 1 1/2- 3/4 years, 10mg 2-3 times a day (I use to take it 2-3 times, before lowering it down to one a day before quitting cold turkey because I started getting extreme brain fog and vomiting and feeling scatter brained, irritable and depressed.

I have had Covid twice and am vaccinated, my Doctor "diagnosed" me with Covid long hauler.

After my second round of Covid is when the twitching/spasm happened on the right side of my head.

The current symptoms I have are scatter brain, troubles concentrating, depression, irritability, anxiety, chronic headache, chronic pain on the right side near my temple area, mood swings, brain fog, issues remembering, disassociating, muscle aches in the morning, feeling short breathed, area above ear near temple is sort of sensitive and every now and then, vision issues.

A little about me, I am 29 and weighing 235, my blood tests always come back normal except my Glucose was 61 on the last test but it was taken in the morning before I had breakfast and I have never had issues with it prior. My BP last taken was 120/72. I walk a considerable amount everyday considering I am a Land Surveyor.  

I just hate that I continue to feel this way with what seems no help and its really starting to weigh on me.

Any opinions would be helpful, thank you.  
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Hello, Josh. Your case is exceedingly complicated. But have you considered that most of your problems are inflammatory in nature? Most theories that I've seen about long Covid involve inflammation.

As a practical matter, you can try flavonoids to see if that helps in your head, and alpha lipoic acid for help with the twitching - if the twitching originates because of a nerve problem.

What's your height? If overweight, losing weight can't hurt.

I can point you to some [long] medical talks to listen to, but nobody will actually do that, in my experience.
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