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Help diagnosing vertigo like symptoms going on for almost 20 years

I'm a 24 yo male. 6' 2", 170 lbs. In 'good health'. On random (no pattern) I will experience a wave of dizziness and racing heart that makes me feel unsteady but this is more of the "aura" before I experience an "episode".

History of migraines(pain), scoliosis, osteoarthritis in cervical spine, and epilepsy.

Episode Symptoms:
Fast onset, lasting time 40s-2min. Sense of time is altered, hard to concentrate or focus/answer simple questions. Environment around seems to spin slowly back and forth but no feelings of nausea. Hard to navigate direction i.e. when walking through doorways may cling to one side and bump shoulder. Objects feel closer or further away than they really are. Somewhat similar to the view of a "fish eye lense" on cameras. Able to hold balance and not likely to fall even walking. Once episode is over a feeling of lethargy occurs as well as calming feeling. Episodes typically don't "back to back" usually have a 'cool down' period(1hr) before the aura feeling can occur again.

Aura symptoms:
Wave of dizziness/unsteadiness felt in head/eyes. Sometimes a feeling of pressure in head/mild headache. Feel the need to press my fingers into my eyes for light relief.

Onset of this phenomenon started at age 7. Was referred to Neurologist(no longer practicing) and had first EEG test on 05/24/2000 along with an ear and eye test. MD concluded no abnormalities in any of the tests. Then the day after I had underwent a video EEG 16 channel electrode which the neurologist claimed event of "seizure from left hemisphere". After that day an MRI was was recorded and impression: "Right mastoid air cell mucosal thickening. unremarkable MRI of the brain."

Was administered Dilantin 3 separate times in life, lamotrigine (exacerbated episodes) and carbamazepine in adult life which only helped episodes for first two months. All three prescriptions were for the idea of Epilepsy which is misdiagnosed. Every EEG  (except the video EEG 2000 stated above) including a video home surveillance EEG in 2005 showed no signs of seizure/miscommunication in brain. Several MRIs all unremarkable and VNG done in 2016 unremarkable results. Last Neurologist/vestibular specialist I saw believed it not be vertigo or epilepsy but actually migraines. After months almost a year of magnesium and riboflavin supplements, no relief.

Only relief to really occur happens after use of benzodiazepine and the use of alcohol with the level of "buzzed" to drunk obtained. Relief from the aura and the episode itself.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, I have plenty of my medical documents and other avenues of diagnosing/cures I have tried. I would just like to put a name/diagnosis as to what I am experiencing.
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I am not a Doctor, I would recommend getting your spine checked by a chiropractor. People think they are quacks but I had also sorts of problems that were relieved with a simple correction to my spine. If you can afford to get an xray and see one I would highly recommend. Helped my vertigo  A LOT.
thank you for the response! I had already done the chiropractor route and have had X-rays done. I have scoliosis (known for many years now) and I have osteoarthritis in my c-spine due to bad posture and years of cracking my neck.
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Cervical spondylosis is not out of the question here.C2-3 involvement
Thats more common in older patients. This phenomenon of mine started at 7. I did however receive chiropractic treatment at the age of 6 after a car accident. Do you believe its possible there's a correlation?
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