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I have been suffering for two years now and cannot find an answer, help me.

My question is can anyone give me a clue to what is causing this and how can I get my life back?

I am 25 years old Average weight and height, and have been experiencing horrible symptoms that are preventing from living my life normally and haven't been able to find a doctor that can fix me. I am afraid that I will be like this for the rest of my life, this is no quality of life I would want to live out.

  It all started when I developed an anal abscess near the anus, I've had numerous surgeries to cut, drain, and remove the abscess and tracts that it has left. it wasn't until the after the 4th surgery that i began to feel symptoms that include profuse sweating, body chills and pains, Nausea and Nasal dryness and burning. I attributed the symptoms to a possible infection and took the necessary steps and took several blood tests. The tests came back Normal and I was back at square one. After taking all the tests my doctor admitted to not knowing what was wrong with me. Now these symptoms are very severe in the morning when i am waking up. I often struggle going to sleep knowing that I am going to wake up and feel sweaty and have body chills and nausea.

Now doctor said that he thinks it could possibly be anxiety but i have never considered myself to be an anxious person. The sweating happens even when doing the smallest bit of labor, like throwing out the trash or vacuuming. I was in great shape before all of this and would go to the gym at least 5 times a week, now i don't go because of the chills and sweating and nausea. I was an athlete before this and know where and how much i should be sweating. Ever since the symptoms have started the sweat is so profuse that it runs down and soaks my shirts and pants. The sweating used to occur while asleep but hasn't for a while. Another thing I have noticed is that I cannot drink alcohol anymore, with a couple of sips of beer or liquor I become VERY hot, sweaty and nautious in a matter of minutes. I used to be able to have beer after beer.

I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy because the symptoms would cause me to have severe diarrhea and horrible nausea. I rarely find relief in anything for the symptoms but I have found a couple of things to help me daily. In the morning for the Chills and sweating I drink a hot coffee or hot beverage to get rid of the chills. but the hot liquid causes my body to begin sweating instead (which I Prefer over body chills and pains). When I am at work I keep my mind off of the symptoms by working at a fast pace and kind of going in auto pilot. When i get home i medicate with cannabis it helps me greatly with the nausea and chills and aches. Before these symptoms i was not a cannabis user but couldn't find anything to help with my symptoms. I don't wanna use my whole life but its the only thing that helps not to mention the anxiety from not knowing what is wrong with me. I feel that it has completely taken over my life, relationship, job performance, and well being. I have became very depressed from the alienation, because i no longer can feel NORMAL like i used to  only 2 years ago. I can't tell if it is too hot or too cold anymore because of the sensitivity my body has developed. Winters are bone chilling for me and extremely difficult.

The only person that knows him or herself the most is yourself, so the only thing i can do is let you know what my guess on what it might be:

- While experiencing these symptoms i took antibiotics and the symptoms went away while being on them but came back immediately after finishing them. small part of me feels it could be bacterial.

- Mornings are the most severe w/ chills and sweating and nausea, I feel very anxious in the morning while getting ready to go to work, so that's why a part of me feels it could be severe anxiety.

I have never felt this sweaty before in my life, I use clinical strength deodorant and STILL sweat but never did before. A friend of mine said maybe i have developed Hyperhidrosis a sweating disorder. But I am very skeptical of this as well.

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You didn't tell us if you are male or female, age, whether you have been tested for anemia or thyroid problems, celiac disease,... really much of anything.  
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I'm sorry about that, I have been tested for thyroid problems and everything came back good, also im not anemic. I am a male. Have not been tested for celiac disease though. Thanks
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When you were on an antibiotic, you say that it eased your symptoms.
Perhaps you should make an appointment to see your doctor and ask for a blood test to check for any bacteria.  It is possible that when you had the abscess, some bacteria is still in your body.

The symptoms you present certainly indicate that your body is fighting something.
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Thank you for your comment, I had my boss tested via blood culture as well and it came back good.

I was prescribed bactrim when they first operated and I mentioned to the doctor that for some reason I felt a lot better when I was on it, but he insists that there isn't a reason to prescribe it.
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*blood ^
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Perhaps you should seek a second opinion with a different doctor.
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