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Is it normal to have sore throat and taste of blood in throat after cycling?

After mountain biking in the countryside I get a sore throat, I can taste metallic or blood in the mouth, but there is no blood there.

I don't get this walking, even walking up a mountain, just cycling.

When on the bike my nose starts running especially now during winter, when sat at home, it feels like mucus going to my lungs making me have chesty cough.

I told the doctor about it two years ago, I told them I feel faint after going up hill.
They looked baffled,  I had a blood test and that was normal.
I don't smoke or anything like that, one doctor thought it might be because of my acid reflux.
I haven't felt any acid or indigestion when cycling...

I tried going for a ride on the bike today, I develop a sore throat especially after pushing up hill and then after going home, that's when I start tasting blood, but no blood.

Is this normal?
What can I do to cycle without these sensations?
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I would suggest one of those ?litmus? tests on the acidity in your mouth immediately after stopping. Also, take your blood pressure immediately after stopping. Get a dental checkup. Do you take aspirin? Basically start gathering data to give to your dr when you ask again.

ps The old 'say ahhh'  while they may  or may not press down on your tongue with a stick is not as good as an extreme measure such as an endoscopy where they see on camera what you/they cannot see with the naked eye.
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Well, yeah, if you want to go in the other end I guess.  The reason they look at your tongue is because you actually can see a lot with the naked eye that you don't need to do an invasive procedure that can tear things to do.  A camera won't see that your tongue is red any better than your eyes or see that your tonsils are inflamed.  Just to say, apples and oranges, you know?  I do take your point, but I'm just sticking up for saying ahh.  It does actually find a lot of stuff you wouldn't actually see with a camera.  Peace.
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Hard to say,  Could be an allergy to outdoor plants.  Or to the dust you're kicking up.  Walking isn't anything like the energy expended mountain biking; few things are more strenuous or aerobic, so you're going to breathe a lot harder doing it.  In the cold, the air is very dry, and that can dry your skin and your throat.  It's also bracing, as it's much colder air you're taking in than the temperature of your body and you're taking in and expending air a lot faster than when you walk.  Walking is movement, but running, playing basketball, mountain biking are real hard aerobic exercise and therefore much more demanding.  You might try drinking more water or sucking on something that isn't full of sugar and you won't swallow that will keep your throat lubricated, or you try a different form of exercise.  Peace.
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