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Is petechiae a normal reaction after having blood pressure taken?

I've been to the doctors several times between October and today for various things and kept getting this rash on my upper arms that I now realize is petechiae and that I'm getting it after my blood pressure is taken (I didn't have it during my appt today and then before I left my vitals were taken and then boom! petechiae). The first time it happened back in October I also had a line of petechiae appear on my neck. My GP said it was from the blood pressure cuff and that since I'm so fair-skinned marks like that will show more. But I've never had this issue happen until these past few months and I'm not any paler than I've been before so I don't understand why these marks would appear now but not back then. I've tried googling a bit, but I'm not getting much information which is why I'm worried I'm not having a normal reaction and that something else could be going on.
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If the blood pressure cuff is inflated to the point of being uncomfortable and too tight, you could get the petechiae. Maybe the nurse doing the blood pressure is taking the cuff up higher than need be, thus, causing the bruising and red marks under the skin.

You may also be bruising easier than before due to lack of nutrients such as bio-flavonoids. These work with vitamin C and if your system is low, you will definitely bruise easier and have this issue
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The blood pressure cuff does get uncomfortably tight when it's done at the doctor's, but it's done by a machine. The petechiae also happened on my left arm when done at the ER at a different medical center and I know that one didn't get too tight. I also had a line of petechiae up on my neck the first time this stuff happened.
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