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Lots of confusing symptoms/tests-no definitive answers

Hello, I am reposting my information from the Colitis forum.  If anyone has any suggestions/thoughts or can relate to my symptoms, I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me. I have limited insurance and want to make sure I get the proper tests.  Sorry this is so long and thanks so much!

Here are my symptoms:

I am a 35 year old female- usually exercise regularly until recently.  My symptoms have become very debilatating and I  am having difficulty watching my children and working.  

GI: previous diagnosis of IBS/lactose intolerance (have had most of my life: diarrhea/sometimes constipation, bloating every evening, nausea (sometimes vomiting), heartburn-at times. Have lost 12 pounds since June was 115 now 103.  

Neurological:  frequent migraines-increase in past two years, after my 2nd child's birth-3/4 times a week-during my period for five days with no relief from medication with vomiting/diarrhea.  dizziness, recent forgetfullness-having trouble word finding.

Kidney:  diagnosed with kidney stones several times and was hospitalized at one point and given IV antibiotics (was out of the country and told I had kidney infection.)  also in college had recurrent urinary tract infections.  Presently having intermittent pain in left kidney and off/on feel like I have a urinary tract infection.-Had one two months ago.  

muscles/bone:;  arthritis in neck.  Also have muscle pains in midback, shoulders.  Recently started getting shooting type pains in head, jaw, hand and muscle pain in right calf with swelling.  

Gynecological:  frequent yeast infections/several bouts of mastitis while breastfeeding my children.

Also my toes have been turning white-particularly with the migraines.  I am usually very cold even in hot weather.  

Due to my symptoms I have had several blood tests. My red blood/white blood cell count were normal-although my hematocrit was a little low.  I had a low positive ANA-titer 1:80-this was repeated with same result by rhematologist.  I have a slightly low C3 and C4.  I had a negative MRI scan of the brain, X-ray of C-spine revealed arthritis in my neck.  the rhematologist did not think I had Lupus due to other tests but thought I should see a GI doctor.  GI doctor thinks it is either  IBS or Celiac-he also wanted to rule out Crohn's/UC (strong family history) although it is not likely because past tests did not reveal this.  He also said my test from the rheumy might mean I have problems with my liver enzymes and ordered blood tests to rule out a rare liver disease.  I am awaiting these results as well as for Celiac and stool culture.

any thoughts?  thanks again

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The most concerning is the liver enzymes which would explain why you are so cold and why you have nausea and vomiting.  You will have to see what the tests reveal regarding your liver and what can be done about it when you find out exactly what it is.  As far as the lactose intolerance are you positive you are lactose intolerance?  I always thought I was until I tried organic milk.  I can drink organic milk with no problems at all.  I used to get extremely sick with regular milk.  
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thanks so much for your feedback. It is so appreciated!  it just feels good to know others are out there that can relate.  I am still awaiting the tests so I am hoping my liver is okay-i should hear today.  I was a bit suprised as I never drink and always thought heavy drinking is what causes problems with the liver.  I actually went yesterday to the urgent care because this week I started having really bad nausea, vomiting and pain in my chest and left rib.  She said that she thought it was an ulcer and I also had blood in my urine which may indicate a kidney stone.  Fortunately, if it is a kidney stone, it has not gotten really bad yet.  I took a lactose intolerance test when I was younger and it came out +. I have not tried organic milk but maybe will give it a try, i am just a bit scared because even a slice of pizza gives me a diarrhea.  
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